Saturday, February 14, 2009

War, ethics, and defense of photographers

I have a selection of books I have acquired, as a part of my project to become the "all knowing asshole of every aspect of the Colorado river between Agnes Wilson Bridge, and South to the Imperial County "BORDER" and only 25 miles west into California"
Sounds modest enough. I will never make it ! So I may have to go down, just as "the asshole who lived in Blythe".
The more you look into something, the more ignorant you become. Kind of scary.
War. A lot of my knowledge is coming from expeditions sponsered by "The USA War dept" Such as Iversons in 1857. Am I the only one who wishes that the war department would spend its money on a war against ignorance in in this country ? 150 years ago they were. Afghanistan, our current war !!! A joke. Maybe someone should translate all the historical documents into mono-syllabic comics, for the idiots who sent US troops in there. France, Britain, Russia and several other stupour powers got their asses handed to them by the Afghanies. I guess History repeats itself. Now lets see if these pics make it I am hoping it is a duck and goose right here. Its a pretty good picture (to me). We will see where it ends up
Ethics ? Despite the common perception I still have 8 and 2/3 left, putting me at least 40 ahead of anyone who calls themselves a politician. My quandry, I was given permission to access a site 9 years ago, as long as I told the "Gate Warden it was just me and a guest who was flying back to Trinidad the next day, and immediately will forget he visited here". The "Gate warden " snuffed it. So I held off, pondering. Could ponder no longer. Went in, cut and laid under a pile of Arrow weed at the opposite bank and froze my ass off. Hence the Goose pic. There should be a couple of more pics here. All from the other side of the pond, probably a 150 feet and hand held. a chance in a life time, for me in Blythe.. Unless you have a better shot from that moment, same time, do not critique !
I am slowly learning the trials and tribulations of taking pictures, and then posting them. 99.9% of the critics do not know the time,effort and luck that goes into a picture. Most people do not take pics for a living, can not buy the National Geo equipment, nor stick out a Humming Bird feeder and a can of meal worms and a banana at a tropical lodge in Costa Fortuna.Set your shutter speed on automatic and closest focus possible
People work for their pictures in Temperate climes. I put my pics up on the school fridge, and am interested by some responses from substitute teachers, they range from " Who puts up the copies from Nat Geo", to "I've seen a better picture of a bald eagle than that ". Yes you probably have, but not dragging a huge male Raccoon up a ditch bank, behind Band B bait in Blythe you have not !
So with that in mind, I know there are better pics in the Post Card rack at your local Rite-aid but.... roger and terriers

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