Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Pics

Apparently I hit the wrong button and the pictures did not follow. So just some pics !

a quiet day, some pics from the day

Warm and a lot of folks. Made the early Sunday morning ritual, run for the paper and sewage farm check.
Returned to the fold and pondered. Decided a slow drive around the fish farm and use the early am light, that would be coming over my shoulder, would be a great way to pick up my humour and just enjoy the early light, Car loaded set up yesterday to rush to Pavlov mountains, with the rest of the knee jerk reflex rarity chasers. No call so set off. Some where along the 6.4 mile trip to the Fish farm I aquired a Sherriff shadow. I stopped it stopped. Meanwhile truck loads of semi clad teens riding in the back of pickups throwing beer cans went un noticed.. That was slightly exaggerated but you get the idea. Followed me for 4 and a quarter miles. . Dutifully stopping, when I did.Most amuzing, turned onto the fish farm road. Now you are trapped once you get on that banks road, all it means is the further you drive in behind me simply means you back out further.When you get bothered and need to go elsewhere, reverse.I am glad he/she/it was behind me. It encouraged me to stop and drive very slowly, looking for marsh/ditch birds.
I will post some to this sight
Not Photod, no camera, was a Crow in the Albertsons Parking lot at 5:00 am as I loaded up groceries. Good Blythe tick

Son of thread. Chapter 24, episode one

The saga comes to a conclusion.........
The travellers from the parish of LA return home. Knowing the talents and nature of the valient searchers, I can safely say that there was much wringing of hands, beating of breasts and cries for enlightment, as to the mysterious avian being. Following the path of intelligence, they chose not to lable it as any specific bird sp, but felt they had ruled out the most obvious.And left it pretty much as an "if you are there keep an eye open" Perfectly fair and rational. No where have I found a member of this troupe claiming or positively "id"ing, nor witholding info. Typing in to my local parishes web site, inland county birds, to share some birding news, when unfortunately. I found I was reading a note from the Aaaargh admonishing, birders from LA who birded Kern, reported "no ID" to several web sites, and having a temper tantrum, on a Riverside web site.WHY ?
The aformentioned person has his own website, the San Diego site, why not type your idiocy up there? Then we innocents who do not have to live under your back stabbing, totalitarion, demeaning, rumour mongering, denigrating, personal attacks can live in peace.

Sir your rant, is nothing more than a childish self indulgent, "I will stomp my little feet", product of a yirning zoophyte
I sit here looking at your submission. Pathetic. You sadly have missed the "VERY IMPORTANT" point. I feel like I am addressing Winnie the Pooh here,Piglet looked up and said I THINK YOU MUST BE MISSING the point POOH. Did you notice that ALL 5 or6 "THOUGHT' it was an Acadian, and agreed not to call it such.Bravo to them. My respect for those involved just increased exponentially. Second paragraph Biggest whiner, ok you win that one. But you shot your self in the foot, I quote "reason other than restricted or private property". I believe Galileo Hills is both. QED.
Your missive descends into childish play ground talk, "Neena Neena you did not know it was a state record, I DID. Look at me I'm wonderful" stupidity.
And as for people not contacting you or returning calls. Why would they want to.
I for one do not see a rarity and suddenly go "Christ better contact "AAAAAARGH" " If I don't he will put something derogatory about me on some randomn web site..

Realising that Websites should be the form of communication between rational humans , the thread of AArgh was expunged. Hopefully Aaaargh has returned to his self appointed pinnacle as web master of SD County, and will return to bullying those birders, he appears to rule over.


Disclaimer, the names and all references to anything real, unreal or imagined are merely products of your mind. Names have not been used in deference to any person, dead, alive, partially alive, or living in their own world
Hopefully the Saga ends here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The thread. Part six

"The thread" I think my wife called,"it is here".It may have actually have been "get out of bed" ? I rushed out, with my saddle, kicking awake my dragons.Gosh I had not realised how long it has been since I read an Anne McAffrey book !

So here goes, a tale

A long time ago, in a small corner of a large land, lived a group of people called "Birdwatchers". These where humble folk, who relished the out doors and its winged inhabitants. (There where of course castes within the system, from the equipment peacocks, to the "those rathe in id, and easy fodder for the chosen ones". These of course over time, feel there is no point in carrying on, and become extinct. In between are those who wish someone would take the time to advise. I shall draw this caste system out later in Volume 3)
Deciding to set forth on an expedition to locate Avian vagrants, saddled and supplied they left the environs of the Parish of LA, and entered the domain of the Parish of Kern. Their goal,to reach Galileo Hill. Named after the Obscure relative of Benny Hill.
Amongst the said group was a scrivener and illustrator, both of note. Upon reaching the alien shore they parked and located an odd "HEMPID". As we all know, it is best to say looks odd, must be the light and run away. Eschewing the fact that you even opened your mouth, and you were never there on that date.
But the brave band held back while the illustrator moved in, and the scrivener took notes.
After review of the expeditions notes and illustrations, the group felt they had seen an odd "Hempid" and reported it so that other weary travellers might be aware it was there. And be on the look out and maybe help confirm or debunk the thinking at that time. An admirable ethic methinks. Many birds heve been studied,and re-id'd thanks to such valour. I would rather be known as "Can you believe that fool who called it a Sulpher Bellied Flycatcher, we were just shown it by the tour guide, clearly Variegated, say pass me the Bernaisse sauce" than let the bird vanish into oblivion. But thats me. Word was spread among the Parishes,Knowing the folks involved, I believe after considerable discussion and wringing of hands, by them. Most admirable. Sadly news travelled south to the Parish of San Diego.
And awoke that which is known as "Aaaargh", raising its head from the miasmic turgid swamp it dwells in to express its annoyance To be continued

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A hawk pic I like, a couple of todays, birds and a lack of principals.

I was not sure if the title was too long or not. But, it did not shut down so I guess I win ? Gbeak continues, baby birds hopping up all over quit at 10:30. 99 degrees. Bronzed C Birds put on a shewing this year, 2 Robin nests being mudlined. Bells Vireo, Summer Tan. YBCuckoo Brown C Flyc none .Scratch rails and Elf Owl. The river bird community is changing and fast.I have decided that collared doves are squeezing out other sp, in the suburbs, simply because of bulk. No nesting problems, shear body mass and numbers, simply stops other birds from getting to the food source.. Talking of food, got some chicken on the Barby. Got the "Christ we are all going to die of E Coli if the temp inside doesn't reach 165, and then the N Koreans will bomb us " thermometer. Neat, its outside and a 104 already when you stick it in whats left of the chicken. Eaten all the skin and part of a leg. Just remembered I did not wash my hands after marinating it this am, call the WHO,I could not believe the frenzy over the swine flew pandemic, how many billions did the drug and vaccine companies make out of that phony press firestorm, what a farce.
Great headline I saw.
"THe WHO says Swine Flu under control"
Hell, if Pete Townsend says they got it covered. Good enough for me.
Talking of farces, and the WHO.
Meet the new boss the same as the .... boss.
Enough said.
I see him making it to Xmas, taking side bets on not making it to opening gate !
We have a new principal at school.
Oh dear.
The school superintendant sent his private plane, yes he has one which the school maintains so he can go back to his ranch in Montana.To pick him up in Sacramento, thursday, shewed him around , signed him and sent him back. 20 minute face to face with staff, 12 who had to be there anyway. Went from Candidate to Principal in 6 hours. Get her done!
Why he will not last ? 3 schools ,4 years. Needs to return to Sac to work, each month on his doctorate.Too killers. He and his family suffer from allergies, nice to be in a town without pollen ?. Looking forwards to being in a small desert community, His wife loves to eat out and they are looking forwards to absorbing the local culture. Laughing "They could not find it on Google" Clincher, they have a 10 month old baby, his wife has never been in the desert, let alone Blythe, enjoys the arts, trees and shopping, and when the baby gets a bit bigger she is hoping to pursue her degree here. Sorry too funny,
regards rh and random animals

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nice bird and wherever the mood takes me

Very flighty bird, this snap was as the sun came up.It landed too close for lens so I backed up , why would you pitch a tent there any way. Idiots, the exhaust made them feel like it was LA. Went off happy happy joy joy, 4th for riverside, 1st pic for me.Probably 250 sp for Blythe now on cd.
Rest of the am a complete bust.
More tomorrow.
rh and aminals

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fish and birds, and whatever

It occured to me that I type this rubbish out, and most people know nothing about me, have never met me and probably should not !So lock up your daughters ! My wife and I add up to something in the 120's . We tend to need the bathroom before the squabbling has resolved the concept. or one of us forgets what we where arguing about. Actually that is not quite right, I write down what we are arguing about, if I can remember where I put the pencil. She rides her horses and I match wits with up to 185, 16 year old kids at the high school. Sadly the longer I teach science the more I realise I need to start forgetting stuff. A "tide race" is something that happens in K Mart when there is a blue light special on detergents, it seems. Most sad. I curse the person who invented i-pods.
A true story.
Driving to school, at sunrise, I heard the jubilant tones of a Robin heralding the dawn. Turned around dragged out bins and sat and listened. An ant-like line of identical glazed eyed people walking around the park with their i-pods firmly plugged in missing the joy of the day opening, but excercising before hitting starbucks. They where on their second circuit when a "concerned citizen" stopped and took out her ear plugs. "why are you sitting here , are you sick or something, with your camera and binoculars".
I felt reciting Longfellow was of no merit and left
NOW, I of course do not help my cause by my choice of apparel,behaviour,deliberate obtuse accent and using words with silliables in em.
Hence photo. 6:30 Sunday Morning 39.6 lb flat head cat, rushed to Albertsons to shop, ran into the Holier than me crowd who wanted to talk about their kids, before church. Between my appearance and aroma made it through the store in record time. I had never seen women "seizing their babys, and clutching to their breasts" before. I thought it was just in Zane Grey novels and vapid descriptions in Victorian Melon dramas. Gosh never got to birds . Will try again tomorrow rh Terrier and adopted new canine species found at the pound !

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spitefull down load - spandex

I wrote this a while back, still relevant. ! The computer was resisting my will at the time but kindly saved it !
Why do people wear spandex ?
So you are stupid enough to ride a bicycle in the sonoran desert, in 100 degree plus heat wearing this months flourescent colours. Please refrain But I don't need you cat fighting over Mangoes, in Albertsons and stretching so I can not avoid noticing you are Jewish and like piercing, don't wear spandex. I do not care if you have 14 children, all grossly overweight, the males in shorts with their asses hanging out with I pods in their ears shouting "hey nigger" across the store, whilst you ram your 10 trollies into the back of peoples heels at the check out counter and spend $500 on prime rib, then fish around in your cavernous cleavage for that last pesky food stamp. DO not dress you or your voluminous daughters in spandex. It sounded like songs of the Humpback whales was being played in Albertsons this morning as you wallowed around the store like a Mammoth herd. Literally grazing through the produce aisle.One bite and put it back. And the little picanninies with their hair braded into fuses with multicolour rubber bands. And what is with the Hispanics, carpet slippers blue, white socks, long pants to the knees, white wife beater and tatoos on every square inch ? AH got that off my chest. Notice how I chose to ignore the worst dresser in the world

Internet slower than snail mail.

Well,I am going to try and up date my blog, the way the inernet is going today. I should have guessed and typed it in last month.. OK It is exactly 10:51 lets see how long a pic takes? * minutes !!! Ok will keep downloading and preparing dinner at the same time ! Next. Well I will forget pictures for now I guess

Monday, May 4, 2009

Of dogs ,cardinals, testing and catching up

Hectic week, with little, to no free time. The weekend started Saturday am with this beauty. SW race N Cardinal. Sandy was confused as to "if you could count it", some one had asked her. She is a very limited income lady who lives in a tiny trailer, and loves her ciggies, the occaisional beer and peering at her iris and HER birds. this saves confusion from MY birds. If you had a strong arm you could stand on her porch and throw a baseball into AZ. WE have had 3 in the last 8 years, 2 of which I photod. If you check the history of Cardinals in California, if you where to look for one for your CA list, Blythe would be the obvious spot, any more.
Lee Jones shewed up promptly found and photod a N Parula within walking distance of my house. Annoying'
Foxglove making it ! Corner of the yard turning into a Takahe habitat, more later. Clump grass being added.
Good start to the weekend , as you know you have to pay !So RH and Terrier current sign off.
Jack my wifes hand raised Russel Terrier put her in the emergency room last weekend when it bit her face. She claimed it was her fault. It chewed her hand up yesterday.Hence the singular. I have a 2 bite policy. If the true adage "let sleeping dogs lie" which she did not do in the first event. I allow it as strike one. The second one was not. Ex dog.
A neighbour asked me why I did not put it up for adoption? "They have those rescue places".
So here we go.
"Psycho Jack Russell needs loving home. Has only put person in the Emergency room twice this month. Hand raised and eats them. Looking for home with lots of small children and owners with unlimited medical coverage. Will ignore on command and bite at random. If you wish to own this dog, bring your own shovel"
rh and terrier.