Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No sense of humour, fish ponds and pics

Ok trying pics first. Text second.
Not a clue how this will turn out.Some white pelicans and a drift passed the fish farm which is going to be awesome this year. All the Tamarisk has been dug and burned, and my chum has got it looking good. 9 years, still can not get in, one simple miscommunication and in small town Blythe you pay the price !The pics I have posted are from there.
I tend to return from a day in the disease factory, awash with rumours of layoffs, pay cuts, class size increase and working 3 days a month for free, etc etc in a somewhat negative mood.
I walked in the back door and on the kitchen table was a magazine page, placed where I could not miss it, that screamed "ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. At little or no cost to you"
Why would I want to buy it?
I am of the age that I realise that a the quick glance by a wench at my happy area, which 40 years ago would have sent my hormones racing with the utterly foolish concept of imminent mating, back then saying hello had the same effect !Has long since passed. Now I know it means the old fool left his zipper undone.
ButI still like to think I know what to do !
I read on. "No pump disassembly or oiling required". "You do not have to have diabetes to receive this" "Operates in less than 10 minutes""Patented ring Ejector system to maintain erections" "No more embarrassing manual pumping". Starting to become somewhat more deflated than I was. Phone rings. SWMBO, did you see what I left you, what do you think, looks good for this weekend. It may have not been those exact words. But you catch the drift. Tragic pause. We will have to borrow Joes submersible blender.
I said what the Hell are you talking about for Christs sake. "The black bean soup, we can do it in the crock pot, the recipe is right there. Turned the page over. It does look good.
Sense of humour returned, when she turned bright red with embarresment when I showed her how she had left it.
Roger terriers crawling around in Hystericsa

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