Friday, February 13, 2009

incompetence and birds, attempt 3

If I was not such a nice person, I would say that I was somewhat annoyed at this Blog, and the incompetent stupid god damn moron who runs it, who can't even get the simplest task done because of his pin headed stupidity..... ouch slipping in to Nasty Roger mode !
Hey if the sock sticks to the wall, wash it. No idea why I typed that ! Roid rage !
OK, now calm and not flying into the Colorado River.
We will try and post pictures in the correct order to the text. One last time for today.
One of them should be a crop duster coming straight at you with "Nipple Mountain" in the background. Now SWMBO gets upset by this, and on a clear day you can see "Shithouse Mountain". Both are engraved on USGS maps from the turn of the century, and as descriptions go, more than perfect for me ref " Reports of Explorations and surveys to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad.from the MISSISSIPPI RIVER TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN made under the direction of the secretary of war in 1853-6 according to the acts of congress of March 3, 1853,may31,1854,and August 5,1854 ".
God, I love typing that! I am trying to accrue the whole set. finances have me stuck at two ! (but all first editions) which is a stupid statement as they only printed it once and there where very few printed to start with !
Glancing through Baird Vol IX part II it is quite obvious he would gave been booted from CA birding websites. I quoth the Raven entry "According to Prince Maximillian....... I do not have skins in front of me but.....Mr Audubon maintained the Contrary opinion. Bonaparte (though possibly with a Guatemalan skin in front of him?)... A whole half page of interesting diversions and stuff. Much prefer it to "Raven at end of road ". Took me forever to get pole #6 Ferrug, lined up with the moon, they fly away.
Well let us see if this gets through. roger

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