Tuesday, February 10, 2009

drift home, could be a good year

Drifting idly home from school. it is fun to meander around the fish farms, they are going to be awesome this year.. 36 Gtr legs, assorted swallows, coopers Hwk N harrier,herons and a now staked out Cinnamon teal nest. I don't know for sure but all the sites I have discovered over the years have changed towards the birding positive, and there is some killer birding to be done this spring. Habitat and attitudes do not change over night. Especially if you come in as a consultant !! Or a "Respected scientist" with the company car!
Winning a rural community takes , getting stuck, buying beers for the hay guys who pull you out, knowing everybodies name, smiling, school secretary and janitors look out for you. etc ,etc , MOST importantly , do not expect the expected, . My wife said one day "Why are you and X hanging out in the Veterans? Haven't you seen his truck ? Yes,but I get hay when no others can, and more importantly my truck has 199,901 miles on it.Awesome You get more "spect when you can say "just passed 200,000" and the converastion ends with "Yer it sounds like its running smoother".
Don't claim to have changed a lot,over the years, personally nor in outlook, but Blythe is probably the birder friendliest place in California, and I never thought a Mormon would ask me to teach scouts Birdwatching. It's a funny old world.
Plan a stop by this spring, got a good feeling !
regards Roger

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