Saturday, February 21, 2009

Todays pics and birds

In order to not hinder reality with the "the flycatcher debate/ merciless pursuit of the unacheivable." I am going to keep two thoughts awake on one blog.The "Nuttings and veracity of mass viewed rarities and .... etc" Flycatcher will be the only thing on "Flycatchers". Other stuff wil be assigned whatever title the mood suits me.
I start off adventurously !
Wandered around Mayflower Park. Verm flys displaying. If you have never seen them,then find a chance to do so.
They spiral up making the most awful call, reach their apogee, (too close to the sun ?) and suddenly fold up into what looks like a discarded red tissue, and drift downward. See if there is enough light tomorrow to photo.
My? well OUR LCRV Desert phase GH Owl is back in the same tree,this is 12 years now to my knowledge, and she is already sitting tight Be warned, if you get too close you will be bitten ,screeched at, buffeted in the face and physically hurt. Not by the owl, but by the Mongol horde of Snow Birds who will replace their polite teeth with their "tear you to shreds" teeth, attack you with sharpened shuffle board shufflers and hurl razor edged Horseshoes. Don't believe me ? you should. They have called the cops, and when the babies are growing keep a log and watch 24 hours !I have a couple from Wisconsin who come here each year just to see them !
There should be a couple of MY Ferrug, leaving pole 6,a couple of preening Y Legs at the sewage plant, and a GTR Ylegs eating a goldfish at the fish farm.A pair of Gilas back on the road.
Enjoy the weekend Roger

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