Sunday, February 8, 2009

picture first, then I warned you

Success !
I wrote this July 28 2008, and sent it to some. Obviously not a large forum, as the likelihood of offence was way too high for even my mellow mentor ! Who I have deep respect for, regard as a friend, and caused unnecessary social criticism of. I somehow feel he survived, now YOU have to survive on your own, you know where the sodding delete button is !

An absolutely true story, a bit like the Bishops boozing at Mc Donalds, periodically I will toss in a picture that caused me great amusement and the tale behind it. Just for Idle amusement. Here we go. it comes with logic in brackets for the more challenged It was entitled.

"A nun-counter of the third kind"
Too funny.
I was sitting paying bills with Grendels Mother. Exhausting pasttime, but it always leads to an erudite example of her logic and grasp on reality.
Todays was special "If you had not spent all that money fixing the cars so we can get to work (ie to get a pay check), we would not be so broke." ( Stunning logic).
Sometimes even I can keep my damn mouth shut!
Anyway went to go birding, of course she took the vehicle I gassed up yesterday, stupid me.Visited the bank and went for gas.
Now most people do not get to find fun in odd situations, I guess it is in my nature and I waded in head first.Carpe Praedem.
I pulled in to get gas, there was a minivan full of "nunlets" (sombre brown plumage , not yet moulted into full black and white plumage )I guess they are called that as they havebrown nun-like costumes. The kind that looks like a Burkha, but you can reach in and check their teeth. ( Thats how you age them)Think they may have been suicide Catholic Terriorists !
Anyway they were twittering around the gas cap, like it was a guy in a speedo. So I went to help them, got the cap off. ac ouple of them had the cutest smiles, apart from the c4 belts I would love to have checked them out ! we are chatting when suddenly the air freezes. Heads down scurrying around into the van, looked around The HNIC coming ou of the store, carrying four one gallon jugs of water( Thats Head Nun In Charge, she was dressed in black and white and looked like she could bench press the van). She walked up to me and said "Why are you bothering these girls ?". No point in logic at this point, I am already a certified nun mauler in her eyes.! Perfectchance Oh I came to watch you sister, to see if you could restore my faith in religion" "Oh OK Dear" "yes, I was thinking you were going to pour that that water into your gas tank, and you can turn it into gasoline I am in, gave up wine"
I distinctly heard a giggle from the back of the van.
I left rapidly left. I have seen that look before and it did not bode well, and it looked like her rosary was mostly bike chain.Those hurt. Oh well I got a discreet gesture and snapped a couple of nunlet butts on the way out Do not pray for my transgressions! I already have a "GO directly to Hel do not pass Go card", in fact looking in my file,here, I almost have a full suit. Regards roger.
Think I will stick some "Only in Blythe" pics in there Black top birding, if that today. Cloudy, drizzle and acres of mud. rh and terriers

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