Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nuttings Flycatcher in Blythe

Always good to start off with a modest proposal !
I am going to work my way through this foolish enterprise, by following Don Robersons most mind numbing paper from 2003 called "a photo discussion on Nuttings Flycatcher identification". I have read it twice. Had to,had to stop first time to look up terms ! Awesome piece of research !
I will tackle my premise, based on photos and following the pattern of his paper. SO.let the games begin !

"I want to draw attention to what I called "the classic wing panel" pattern with its 'yellow''mid-panel' feature"............ a small inset on which I show the three elements of the wing panel
1 Primary edges.
2 outer secondary edges
3 Tertials and inner secondary edges.
In broad generalities, I see the colour of the edges of three parts of the wing in this photo of the Arizona (Nuttings) bird as (1) RED,(2) YELLOW,(3) WHITE."
Mines , above, is the Blythe bird. Thinking I am seeing that ?
regards rh and teerriers

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