Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mars, superbowl and rubbish

Trundled around,only bright spark, a Red Naped sapsucker at the cemetery. My warbler was,quite rightly corrected by a person, who probably cringes after all these years of my testing his patience. My response "Looks like a Nashville to me". Works for me, no point in wasting words with this chap.How come NBC can't interview the President, in the White House live without loosing sound and pictures ? Another channel I watch had no problems until the warrenty ran out. NASA has a thing the size of a large Sears freezer packing box wandering around on mars, that sends better sound and pictures. Oh well. I just sneezed. "Did you have to do that? You scared the fly off" My rashion of passion just appeared, like Diane the Hunter,clad only in her Diaphanous wind swept Winnie the Pooh pink flannel Jammies brandishing a fly swatter, with Terrier modified slippers on her cloven hooves. Ever see 3 cats and two Jack Russels, dive into a cat litter box. I beat them. Some random pics for those keeeping track of how many species you can photograph in Blythe. rh and warm blooded critters.

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