Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hop scotching rain patches , mud and birds

Just stormin Norman.
Now once I canfigureout configuration I will have 'er allfiguredouted. Dodged rain showers,mud, responsibilities ,accountability and the Kraken all weekend. How? She is now sick with the "Get over it, it's is only a simple cold, I do not know what your problem is " death disease, she has it now ! AAAAh The circle of life.
I off course rushed around serving her bowls of leverets,golden Toads, and changing her hay hourly. After 2 weeks of it, I am almost human. Do NOT get it, Blythe is sicker than sick with it. You can see how something like Ebola would wipe out communities in weeks. Odd to watch
watching birds Forced into Black Top birding, roads(dirt) too slippery.still fun. Waders moving through steady build up of Gtr Legs, dowitchers, and an Avocet. Nothing you would notice, but for the fact you live here so maybe we should look out. Swallows appearing, 50 plus RWinged, a Bank, 40+Cliff, 9 Barn and 150 plus Tree around the drains and the fish farm. OrCrowned warbs, 15 plus, go figure. A lone Mountain Plover, a year tick. I love accidental birds. Sat in the pouring rain, looking at the mountains and fog and pondering Scotland, and idiotic hikes through the Cairngorms in search of a trip or two of Dotterel, and the pointless agony I went through to see them on native habitat, until I saw my lifer sitting an a bleeding .bleeding bloody Golf Course with a Buff Breasted sand on the Scilly Isles. When a clod moved. A Mountain Plover, America"s Dotterel.Most beautiful. Will post a pic, if you can see it !The drop, a Common Loon, could not rule out YB Diver !!Today, 2 W Throated Sparrows at the Horses. Played silly bastards with the birds and available light until I gave up, sewage plant, 3 sp teal, and a Peregrine. On the way home , a RLeg Hawk trying to literally smash a fem/juv harrier out of the sky. If you mess with cameras, you will know what I mean when I say "The perfect pic frozen on my retinas, not my camera." Oh well, why we go birding !
well back to reality tomorrow, better go oil my nunchucks, and put an edge on my adze. regards rh and terriers wondering why we are allowed in the house. It is fast asleep !

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