Sunday, February 8, 2009


Most agranoying.IT was using the computer yesterday to do something linked to one toed cows. I think one of her dewlaps got caught somewhere between the q and the page down button, and in her frenzy to free herself she hit every key at the same time with her thrashing tail. Any way lets see if print goes through, try pics next.
Due to the fact that it would be quicker to drive to San Diego, use an high speed internet and drive back to see if it worked. The "Fix It" lady for Verizon, had to wait while the morse code was translated. Charming young lady, who warmed up over the 2 and 1/2 hours, anyone breaks after listening to me for that long ! "I will tell you anything just go away" Waterboarding, amateurs.
The language problem was evident.The sound was like a corner market in Bombay, or just like any corner market in London, come to think about. NO she was just outside Bombay.
Interesting snippets.
"27th story,7by5 box, 12 hours 25 minute break"
"It does not rain in Bombay like it used to, all the forests cut down ".
"They killed all the animals in the zoo and built a giant complex"
"there are no trees and flowers in her town, all jungle cleared out for company high rises" The scariest.
"In our town we all only work nights, the next town they built they only work days "
Welcome to the non Jungle
Charming young lady, sent me to my extensive spice rack to toss things into my pea, and barley and whatever I could catch and chop up, and fit in a pressure cooker "Soup". Exquisite.
So after changing everything but my waist size, I, very tentatively am putting the system back together. Here we go, lets see what the Hell happens !rh and terriers

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