Thursday, February 19, 2009


No pics this time,Well my pics got batted around and, the verdict is NOT Dusky Capped. Not because of any ones oinion, but the fact that I now have pics of the "I admit I was wrong Dusky Capped that prove I was wrong" taken by a birding chum. Excellent.I learned that there are some very learned feather by auricular by whatever birders out there. As I received (not directly in some cases) very astute comments. Well I wrote down my description of its call when I was claiming it as a Dusky Capped, and was expecting that to be a problem Now I have pictures of a Myarchus with a funny call and odd under tail brown and red distributions, that loooks like an Ash Throated. Go figure. Will post this weekend as I have to work the next two nights. Thats what I am doing now! Supervizing the future jail occupants of california !!! Its good to be in charge sometimes. Roger and Terriers

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