Monday, February 16, 2009

Dusky Capped/Olivaceous Flycatcher. First Riverside County record

Well hopefully the pics are in there, will check. If I get in an argument with the computer will send pics and text next, roger. OK did it !
I am just submitting this record, on my own, anyone else who was present can jump in or ponder.I realise when submitting a potential first record for Riverside County, it is best to wait for the first victim to be digested. Discretion is the better part of valour !
Another tip for first time victims, include a stupid pic, like I did. this provides the hangman with the easy "oh my god how stupid, why would he send this." "out" and you with the "I included that, oh my God I deleted the wrong file" "Out"
The birding farandole.
The bird was first seen in overcast skies, sat on a phone wire, under overcast skies. First impression "Christ early dwarf Westen kingbird" It was that yellow and shaped. Chased it down the street, slim ,short tailed, yellow,large headed flycatcher It dropped into Joes across the street. Wind picking up took several dozen pics, others out there, I include 2 from the tree in his yard, and one dropping off my pole support this morning, it flew down the street , into the duo dalmatiion of doom yard(ain't going in there), hopped the fence and went into Mayflower Park. I called it an Olivaceous/Dusky Capped before the pics , I remain in that stance after looking at them.
Please look yourself.
See no merit in writing more, to me it would seem like drawing a picture, or writing field notes after getting home and looking through the field guides.
Oh the red one, it's a female Ash throated for comparison.
White Tailed kite a yard bird today and 2 Goosanders flyover yard birds also. Keep birding Roger and terriers.

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