Saturday, February 21, 2009

3025 (1982 QR) and birds

Greetings !
It seems that the Santa Cruz Nuttings was not one, and my use of Roberson is incorrect. Intend to see if I can access the info that made the first one correct, the more I dig , the more I do not know and the more the "Experts" contradict each other by "knowing" More on that tomorrow.
Anyway just took a step outside, pointed myself in approximately the right direction ie South Africa and pretty close in sidereal time for 3 seconds as "the 52km asteroid (3025)" occulted a 10.8 mag star in the constellation Lupus for observers along a path across S and w Africa. It is 3.38200 au's away and travelling at 17.3488km/sec Why would I know that ? My dear friends the Shoemakers named it after me, when we worked together on Palomar. Yes 1982 QR (Higson)!!!.I keep track of it and wave towards it, in memory of a brilliant astronomer,the kindest of people and true friend Gene and his wife Caroline, the most charming of ladies.I am willing to sell property on it REAL cheap
Roger Higson

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