Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gosh, ended up in Roger in Wonderland in that last postingg !

Well you got the warbler, and the text was not in Hindi, like it was the first time !. Just the pics this time !

A well raised son and Ducks, and a warbler

I am very proud of my son. Why one may ask ? Quite simple. During the late sixties I was absorbed in Cornwall,its birds and "Clives Original Band". And living with the Phillips family in summer at Nancledra, they had an album we played into the ground. Time, and people moved on, but I always remembered the music. Now I know I raised my son properly, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday/xmas/ whenever he remembers any of them present. I told him, just to see if he could. How the hell do you find "Moyshee McStiff and the Tarten Lancers of the Sacred Heart" by C.O.B. ? Listening to it as I type this ! I forgive him for wrecking my jeep. But only the first time. Still got a few to work off !
Not much of nothing but will post duck pics vfrom today. Somewhere in the pics you will find a pic of a warbler I did not know I had until I started filing my pics. Life California Bird from sept 2007. Better late than never. AZ for the superbowl !

regards rh, terriers, and swmbo somewhere out in the field trying to figure out how she will explain to me the horse she doesn't think I know about. I wonder how long I can act ignorant and indignant, and cause her to squirm in her Jod-hoppers !Word has it she is bringing 3 autistic children with her for support, for my acquiesence. Way ahead of it, but thinking a couple of back rubs and steak dinners on the menu, before I wilt !! Life is short , enjoy it.
Credite posteri

Mucous and and an early morning self sin forgiveness

I promised a couple of folks I would release an hilarious picture with diatribe. Totally out of the box but you are stuck with reality. Much like I am stuck with something that seems to be trying to drown me in snot, Hence the early hour. Here we go, this is all perfectly true, and I will swear on a pile of Sibleys that it is true. Not all of it, Sibley that is, but you get the caveat.

Several years ago, I decided my wife needed to go digital, so I bought her a $200 point and shoot 3 MP camera from K Mart. So this picture has to be Novemberish, as I was "testing it out". I think I gave it to her ?

Anyway,trivial problems.

Sunday 7:30 am , on a cold day in Blythe only complete fools who go to the sewage plant or heavy duty churchgoers are up and moving. I was zig zagging across Blythe looking in back yards for Ruddy Ground Doves. Ended up sorting through doves in front of the Greyhound terminal , behind the McDonalds. Glanced around. Awesome, pulled away and parked up behind a dumpster. Scope out !

A travel van full of Breeding Plumage "Robed Religion lovers" . Hidden behind the McDonald dumpster. They all clambered out, and the fresh faced neophyte driver, and his head prayer chanter buddy, dressed in his black and white Panda like out fit, were dispatched into Mc Donalds with a laundary list and cash.

Meanwhile, the pathways to heaven, started yanking out bottles of sacraficial plonk, and constructing K Mart plastic wine glasses,the ones with handles, they were laughing about their inability to follow the instructions. Slamming the wine ,THEY awaited the bearers of burgers , and then continued chugging, scarfing and sharing with the drivers.Not wishing to invoke the wrath of any Mythical creature, I snuck by and with out looking took some snaps .This is the best of them.
Gone birding roger
mens divinior !

Friday, January 30, 2009

The bastille, congress bail outs and birds

Good evening, a perplexing eclectic start to the weekend, of beautiful birding weather.The Bailout process causes me great amusement. Banks borrowing money from me ? To pay their pals who lost my money to start with ? The trickle down effect ? When you get over 55 that happens when you are tired, and have a glass of wine too many, and the bladder response is not severe enough. We have to bring wives into this entertaining thought, have you noticed how your male counterpart started peeing in Morse Code once he passed 55.

Once I pointed this out to fellow teachers we formed a secret society and only communicate in the rest room. A bit like the Masons, but we don't shake hands ! (my blog site , rush off if offended) Any way every one in Washington is running around saying this is terrible how could he do that, I would never do that, please let me run the treasury, and I apologise for the fact that I forgot to pay my taxes but pick me anyway. The rest are shredding memos and shifting their funds to switzerland. Why isn't Wall street being stormed by the poor peasents,to throw out those whose tax rate was halved and income doubled to an average of $474 million by Bush. Obvious, who can afford a scythe and an air fare to the Hamptons. Why can oil companies make record profits when their product tanks ? Actually, does not go in tanks !

Why have I lost thread of my Bastille reference ?

I have not. research it !

The peasants revolted, contemporary literature puts it around 700 of them. When they got there they found four people. 2 money swindlers, a Compte who was in there for "Sexual Pecaddillos" and whose only critiscism of the Bastille was that "the wine was some what pedestrian" and a craze red haired Long Bearded Irish man who claimed he was queen of England.

Some aspects of politics never change. So I will save the effort, and just be revolting! Oh and as you get set for your great head lopping in Washington which I am all in favour of. Stop by the town of Halifax England , that is where the Guillotine was invented !
A picture snapped as I drove home . hopefully at the top ! One less Goldfish at the carney !

rh and assorted animeaux
Oh the Bastille postcards ?
They were not selling so the "Photogravuriste" added a few cages with skeletons in it to sparkle up the effect, and sell more.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just to keep a following,following

Hello. This is just to keep my interest in maintaining this site and a group effort. Even if by vicarious input on your part !

As I can not bird every day sufficiently to provide an inspiring posting like "Bird at end of road"

This of course being "la mode de jour" for web sites. If that floats your boat, please return to your carpet wall- papered box,as this site will annoy you !

So if I don't have a current pic of interest, I will just post a pic of a bird in Blythe. Sometimes more. This will engage my gnat like patience long enough for at least 200 sp postings !

All my pics are taken with everything ranging from video/ disposable cameras to mid /semi/ all I can afford gear. Over the course of the last 7 years. They are all taken in CA within 20 miles of my home (essentially the entrance to Mayflower Park) So we will start tonight. I do not apologise for the quality, nor may it be my better, or even best of the sp. But it is identifiable ! S

Some contain more than one. Like the Purple Martin one.

Some may be interpreted in several ways like the Empid (please comment on the video clip)

Some might actually eat birds

So go bird your area. Can't be more bleak than Blythe,
regards Rh
My current Motto is
"Debellere superbos"
I love the attempt to imbue class and taste

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A moment of peace, and spring may be sprunging

Good morrow. Many years ago my sacred aunt, who probably dated every US airman who set foot in England and seemed to be none the worst to me, but was oft given lip curled askance glances during the brief period at family festive gatherings before they descended into recreations of the battle of Culloden. " After all she can't get pregnant because she rides a bicycle" has always stuck in my mind. This of course displays the snideness of the "I am in this group more than you are " mentality. Which carries on today. Please keep following the narrative thread !Ah,yes spring has sprung !. Amongst the many war ditties she taught me. She was the only relation I ever liked apart from sexual ones. Remember faint of heart. MY BLOG.


"Spring has sprung, the grass has ris

I wonder where de boidies is.

Day say the boid is on the wing .

But dats absoid.

Der wing is on der boid"

A bit of WW 2. bronx poetry for you

On my way home from trying to stem the rapidly approaching dark ages in language, arts and science. Explain to me why the next generation who control this country at age 18, cannot copy from a book without a spelling mistake, and a 17 year old who wrote, "she dyin fron a lak of food cos she hungary" and on the open book test I gave today, using the questions I gave to study a week ago, the average was 60.5 percent. And one genius missed every one, filling in a scantron .The laws of Math are against that. I do not think Chaos theory can cover it. Ah YES the birds

Over the fish farm were 5 Rough Winged Swallows ,4 tree swallows , a Bank Swallow and a beautiful Barn Swallow. Funny how sitting for 15 minutes watching the wind ruffle the reeds and water and the sun dip lower, and enjoying watching swallows, can make the day less pointless.

Took a while, but eventually memtioned birds, by the long way!. Take the time to get to birds, even if it is the long way. Roger. SWMBO shouting something about she has been cooking this pie all day and its still burned, and Russels thinking burned pie or Siamese cat. Will post a swallow pic. Somewhere !

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A fun day birding and some stuff

Always nice to start off the day with a swift trip to the sewage plant. I still don't understand how Blythe can support 2 starbucks,but only one crappy grocery store Albertsons. Just a sideways thought I will no longer need to apologise for !I think it is aromatherapy. Anyway, a lesser legs along the LCRV(lower Colorado River valley) in January is damned good.

Trundled around finding not much of nothing but the quiet, warming up morning and sitting as a flock of sheep wandered around my truck. Almost induced a nap !Fish farm . Myrtle warblers every where, probably 20 plus in the reeds Horror, I was going to something clever , like stick the picture where it should be next to the words.

Oh well by submittal 3000 should have it nailed !Went on ,was passing through a residential area, still twi-morn light. Mullberry tree held small frozen buteo. "Definitely/who knows" not a Juv Red Shouldered. When it left uniform brown back, no spangles. Anyway which ever it was , a small buteo is good value. Pointless picture posting, Who knows where it will end up ! Hm, at the top.

Lucky pic of a RedTailed, will probably end up at top? Yes.

Anyway moving on ,went Pelican hunting. Working the sand bars from the drop down, small flock of geese, up against the AZ bank. Maybe 4 GTR Snows and 22/25 Ross' Geese and this gem asleep. The picture is 700mm and photoshop enlarged. As I battled to get closer a lone Canada flew over and they all headed South, How annoying. But Blue Phase Ross goose for Az(where it was, and riverside county, where I was) made for a great day Get home and a neighbour called to tell me he had the pelicans. Got there, just left. Oh well, here comes the last picture of the day. This submittal would be a lot better but for lack of skills !

The wind is now trying to place myself and the terriers in OZ, and a perfect day ends up with the perfect ending ! SWMBO just rushed in and is all "I am sorry I knew you said you would be home by 12:30 and I said I would be here but the coven got caught up in hurling small children, onto angry hay burners, and we lost track of time. I had just scrambled out of the shower, after racing home with a list of excuses, only to find her absent. I win! regards Roger and Terriers , pointing out that I had been sitting by the phone in tears hoping she would call. Amazing what 4 slices of bacon can get you

Pelicans and pics

It always happens.You are sitting having a splendid meal when some friend, for a fleeting second becomes an extra helping of meat on your plate, then reality returns. It usually starts off like "Oh Roger I was going to call you, but did you see...." ?

This time it was the 4 Brown Pelicans "that sat on the sand bar just down from our dock". Sat waiting for the sun to come up !The first couple are self id able from yesterday. The rest are just for your idle amusement. Have a splendid day. I intend to ! regards rh and terriers

Saturday, January 24, 2009

blythe birds, can I dump pictures ?

It appears I can.

We are now moving into uncharted territory !

The day started off foggy and calm. Two splendid chaps are down here taking photos, and I think it safe to say they will return !

As the sun started to burn off the fog I think they were quite impressed by the beauty and quiet of Blythe. Anyway, got them entrenched and hopefully we will see some of their product. Every one is welcome to come down here of course, but I choose to bird with the "nice " folks. So if you are headed through Blythe, and SWMBO is in her lair that day, I would love to show you around this area, which right now is at its most beautiful. Remember Dessert Flowers are coming up.You can only find them as a last move after eating.

Most amusing, SWMBO has her Juvenile coven of Horse abusers, loading up this poor pony, to go and do something with it. Hopefully sell. They got the pony in, a few concussions later, then pushed the horse trailer forwards to the truck. I will award a "hail fellow ,well met" award to any one who can spot something wrong with the procedure. No points for, backing up the truck / or having the pony pull the trailer out. Some times I must keep quiet. I must admit I did get out and tell them to push harder.

The picture is a Hornet floating on the river and loading up water, prior to flying above me to fill up on bark.. Will try and load another picture. OOPs need to rotate oh well ! Regards rh and terriers trying to bark a chappess on a bike to death

No costraints of conscience nor taste

Well a new form of communication !I am doing this as I am now master of my own destiny. I still intend to "sterile report" birds to Inland Co birds. But now I can post pics of other stuff and write about other stuff. I feel dragging erroneous stuff into an adult argument is some what childish. So my views on life and living will be here, and the terrriers, and the trials of swmbo will live on !
This is my first blog, if it works ! It can only go up in quality. Regards to all
RH ,swmbo and the terriers