Friday, November 27, 2009

It was about time. Hoisted with their own petard

The wall eyed Ferrug on 6th.
"hoisted with their own petard"
Should have been the cover phrase of the latest US Birds, not Invasion of Crossbills !
How many people think that petard means something like " Run up the flag pole with their foolishness waving in the breeze like a flag?". ie "Gull elite prove they have no idea, etc"
Well wrong. Petard is a shaped explosive box, for blowing down walls, referenced by Shakespeare and amusingly is based on the Med French word "Peto" as in to fart. Which is most appropriate
I will leave the etymology their. Work your way through the magazine Starting with the "Changing seasons " If you read the "Gull sections" Boy oh Boy are we back peddling on IDing of Gulls now, as in "When I said it was a Kumleins Gull I actually meant "Probable " or "Possible"
Why jam the text with this speculation.
"Gulls of indeterminate types where found by most active birders, those felt to be possibly of the following might be" works for me. The Kline of Gull idiocy works its way from West to East.It was invented on the West Coast. The East Coast warned against this half assed trend a long time ago.R T Peterson in his 1st edition of the Field Guide to W Usa 1941, warns of problems, read the Glaucous Gull section.For a more disparaging east Coast view, of West Coast Gull maker uppers. Go to page 97 of the 1961 edition."Caution, Many a young Glaucous-wing has been turned into a Glaucous by list hungry neophytes"
I blame the whole thing on those very neophytes who have now grown up, and have seen every expected bird, and need at least one this year.No worse is this than in Europe, and especially my birth country England. How embarrassing to say that. With current technology etc every one has seen everything,, more or less, all the obvious ones. Now we need the obscure. Brant, Canadas, Phylloscs. Things in the press "It did not dissapoint a crowd of 250 who showed up to see it, putting in the bank in case they split it in the future". I am getting to the point were the European sector is becoming " No band. No record" Photographs can be useful, but I have $200 worth of books right next to me. Full of lavish pics and "Possible" Indeterminate" "Based on distribution" How can you base anything on distribution when they are all "possibles " Now we have the next step in this foolishness. "I can id hybrids". NO you can't. If you can't ID pure juv gulls. How the hell do you ID hybrids ? Quite foolish. Fox sparrows I can see, Western Flyc I cant. Logerhead shrikes I can see possibilities with. Winter wrens definitely. But then when all is aid and done, different views for different people. And as my day was made by a flock of 35 Ring Billeds, circling with 2 Ross Geese. My gull whining is pointless !
Gorgeous day. Photoing raptors. Going to try and put together a pic slide show of Red tails in the valley. Now there is a disaster. I am sure I have had Eastern. But then you get
"May have more or less barring on the breast and some have dark throats ec etc etc."
You can decide.
Ducks arrived after yesterdays horrid winds . The drop had a nice smattering of the expected birds. Just a dead calm day with the same number of birds. Here comes the wind again.

You are safe ! Deleted my Micro Opus. I got bored with pointing out the obvious

I find it vaguelly scary that "unemployed people , who probably have no job",(TV newsman said that today" and are defaulting on home mortgages are lining up since Monday to buy a 20' Plasma Tv with credit cards, and traded food stamps. Now I know I am generalising somewhat.But from looking at the early morning TV crowds, at walmart in LA. I bet you a Kidney, you could find one who fit three out of those labels. OH WEll. Went by K Mart, to see how our "Black Friday" special was going at 7 am. Looks,just like any other day of the non coloured week !
I remember I went in last year looking for an item on sale, along with three serious sized no fuss black Baptist chorister types, heaving bosoms a sale gleam and purses clutched tight. Lined up getting the run around from a snotty clerk. Pause in the debacle, I interjected, "Excuse me Miss do you have this, waiving my flier" All three turned around and almost as one said "We want one too". I suddenly became spokes person ! "Er well, not really" "It clearly says "Six per store" " "How many have you sold " "Well none really" "Then where are they?" "Emm" "Fetch the manager"
Turned out they had them, but they were hidden away for in store staff !
I got one, two ladies each got one. The third lady said " I only came in for one , but I will take the other three NOW"
Sometimes we can win.
Has any one figured out this commercial I just saw ?
Car obviously moving, with windows and moon roof open, blonde hair blowing. Passenger said " Each side has individual personalized climate control, reaches foward and pushes a switch, now his side is cooler, and my side is just the way I like it. And the purr-fumed , frozen hair, Moron who is driving looks at her like she just won a Nobel prize in Physics. I will let you reread that, and ponder the truth of that statement. What happened to the outside air temp thats flowing through the car ?
Hm maybe she does have a Nobel prize in airflow dynamics.
Got stuff to do so will do it whilst ducking in and out to download some pics. Will stick a couple of "You call the Red Taileds" in there for fun

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Early am

I was out back dragging my feet, (ie making a ten minute job last as long as it takes !) waiting for my cranes to fly over the house, all 41 appeared dutifully calling and close enough for me to pick out the one thats in the oven right now. (Sorry, sorry sense of humour, but in AZ 500yds away that would be OK).
2 Crossbills flew over, of the expected race . A little bit of sub species snobbery, how the Hell would I know which sub sp they where, but the superior birder throws in stuff like that. Try it, gives you an edge. Especially when people start nodding in agreement.
Another one, "Did any one catch that slight slur to the third tink note ? Hmm reminiscent of some I have heard in (pick your own locale), lot of talk as to whether they should split them you know? Need to look up my field note sonograms when I get home. Warning , already have written/ drawn a sonogram from the Golden Guide on the piece of paper you are clutching .
For the death blow later. Stage whisper to no one in particular. "You know going back to that (whatever the hell you picked) I hear ( pick elite CA birder , who's favour you are slipping in) may have had one at the Sea, could be wrong probably should call him/her, when I get home" See you are in.
More on the way
These little beauties, can't see too many !
Suddenly dawned on me after crossbill fly by. That we are getting a staging of Montane birds in higher #s
Lawrences Gfinch 250 plus, seven seperate flocks.
Lessr 100 plus
US 50 plus
Mtn Bbirds, maybe 5 years in 10, 150plus
Western Bbirds, maybe 3 times , max 55 total? 200 plus
Twns, Solit , 6 total, 9 this fall.
Varied Thrush, NEW this year a scattered 4 for me a fifth nearby.
Lewis Wpecker, 1 yesterday. Total 3 records.
Vesper Sparrows, and Sage and BTHr sparrows major increase. Accipters , and raptors up. No ducks, mergs or Corvids
No sapsuckers,waders. 2 Robins. There where more in July.
Enjoy your day.
I have everything cooking, chase car fueled up, and 3 hours of bliss ahead !
The bliss. Dallas versus the Oakland Raiders. Pure heaven. I hate both teams, so either way I win !Ther can not be a play I do not like !!!
rh and terriers

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A momentary digression

Still trying to get my serious opus out, ! Basicly it is just turning into an interminable selection of boring commentary, from a person who has no idea what is going on, but does not let that prevent them from knowing the truth !
Yes, this is the new " Roger,Rush,and Oprah Winfrey show, with occaisional moronic chicken barn squabbling from the View, with Regis and Vapid" I should not be allowed to watch day time TV. Controller confiscated. Please tell me these are not the people who struggling everyday folks look to for life tips ?
I was standing around with the Manly men, draped over the fence at our local stadium watching one hell of a powder puff thanksgiving Football game. I won almost $5 in side bets. Once Jahnisha was subbed in, it was over. Told her I would give her $2 donation for her ROTC for each touch down she got. She was smirking each time we made eye contact. I truly hope someone at a college picks this girl up. God can she run. #3 in CA in her bracket long distance and cross country, 14 years old, pure speed.
"Oprah Whinfrey is retiring"
Never seen a group snap around so fast.
2 years.
Back to the foot ball game. But at least there is hope
A couple of bird picks
We paused for lunch, it was quite civilized,nothing living was consumed and I have shallow bite marks on my throat, which the festive cowl and garrotte conceal. So all is well.
Ran into a couple of super neat for me birds, lucked out on some snaps. Lucked out on the Hawk ! Just sat idly gazing across this area looks so much like the Norfolk Marshes, except its 82 Degrees and there are 3000 foot mountains in the background, but there are Harriers drifting around,took some relaxing harrier snaps. Nothing prize winning but ..put feet up...... Fell asleep............ Woke up, scared Hawk.
Have a great day tomorrow and be kind to one and other,

Monday, November 23, 2009


Did any one actually read "sylmarillion" ? If so. Why?. Should have quit with the Hobbit.Bit like me !The reason for that is I embarked on a commentary, that seems to need debarking.Page 5023
So a quick note.
Birded the cemetery
Sat and listened to this guy play free style Taps on the Sax as he wandered around one corner of the cemetery, past the flags, as the sun came up, and the mist wafted from his sax ax. Life moment

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ran out of time

Got half way through my, rabid rant and why the world is wrong, and how I can personally correct it. When I realised life had side swiped me again by taking hours out of my free time. And stuffing them into work time. So the rant will be worked on from school ! There the balance is restored !
SO, enjoy some recent pics and this joke
Its passover and a jewish chap is sat in the park eating his lunch. A blind man sits down next to him , and is given the offer of sharing lunch. The Jewish chap gives him a piece of Matzoh. The blind guy fingers it, and says "Who writes this shit?
OK Pics better I hope RB Merg ,rarest of thhe sawbills in Blythe. Blythe confirm pic RS Hawk true rary. Harrier harrass RT Hawk Paino phepla Power wiggly with the wind , send this before it goes away

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Elections, have them in China before bleakfast

I would like people who vote, to be shot with a microchip that dissolves in a month, average pleb attention span.So I can seperate the 80 plus percent who did not vote from the sub 20 percent who did ? Especially important for election analysts on TV. So when I have to listen to the locals, bitch about everything political, and the national analysers who bitch about trends and variations, and a vote in Vermont reflects the nations state, I can push a button and the person is vaporized if they did not personally vote. Thinking that would lower my blood pressure and increase the vote.or at least save me from listening to people who have NO right to comment.

OH.While I am changing the world.
I have taken up two stances. One is the response to"Oh my God you will NEVER guess who I ran into today" Plenty of variations on that theme. I find "In that case I won't guess, go away" quietens the room.
Number two. "You know I lost my keys to day, and you won't believe this but they where in the last place I thought to look! I know you will never guess where that was ?
" Of course they where in the last placed you looked moron, why keep looking ? Are you that bored with life ?"
Going to have to break this up into several chunks, more of a two week tapestry, than anything logical.
Tons to catch up' on spare time recently being used up by helping hospital ed." Oh my goodness we have no funding,but thanks for taking the time to fill out your Mileage sheet and home teaching hours, ,but we screwed up. Probably can not cover it but we are really sorry, and we are sure you did not need the time or the $1000 dolars anyway. Thanks for being a team player, ha ha sorry and all"
Oh yesterday the deli at albertsons was closed down while they made 500 X $8 chicken baskets for inmates, lifers' at the prison, because some jackass civil liberties group says they have to get an "Outside meal" every 2 weeks so they don't lose touch with the outside world. Next week its Rosa Markets $9 Carne Asada Plate.
Ain't life a bitch. We are having warmed up left overs. YES

Now here I am caught in an honesty and ethics personal battle !. Folks are shuddering at the thought of reheated mini ravioli, toe nail clippings and stale bread.
NOT me !!!
My left over killer shepherds pie. Mushrooms, the best mince. peas, turnip, carrots, sweet onion, in a Bisto, Marmite, brown gravy, under twice mashed potatoes with horse radish butter and parmesan cheese with strips of cheddar cheese grilled on top. A can of guinness and a pan of Mushy peas. Sorry people. That is what life is all about. A dab of HP sauce and you can leave this earth happy.
Oh time to put in some pics
I,will be making a new Mex-Brit especial Burrito. Spam and refried HP baked beans, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese.Awesome.