Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enough already....ok

When the brilliant folks at Phoenix let me loose, they said go home, the next 9 days are worst for relapse so relax and take it easy. Just quiet and read a book.
How in darwins name do you relax, with the reverbarating sounds of canned food headed for the food bank, as it has to much sodium, each page I read being checked for cholesterol, and my blood pressure being checked every time I fart. Which on my new diet of dead plants places me as an ozone layer destroyer.I am not going to get thinner, my excessive indulgence gut is not going away as I am growing a frigging duodenum, maybe I should buy a few Lithoblasts (?) to help the celery grinding. I have enough excersize bikes to use to equip a gym. Strange how people, who want to give them to you say things like "Look what it did for me ?". Not sure I want that to happen to me ? And "I use it all the time, it's out in the garage somewhere" Oh well stuck gazing at BC Hummers. Not supposed to be driving, but nothing at the sewage ponds. Leave me in a parked car in a car park with the keys in !
This is not shaping out well. roger

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