Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 views of a Grebe

How I spent my morning/afternoon. Spending my late afternoon clarifying logically the fact that my responsibilities from this morning were actually not mine but someone elses.Not a chance. They who hover wish I would. Too old to give them that fuel. Instead took the attack. I am supposed to be cooking my fabled sole on Fennel and scallions etc. Well I like it. Headed rapidly for fridge announced who forgot to get the fish and Basil, and drank all the white wine. I guess I will head for the store after I have changed.Guilty silence. So I am typing this and headed out. Oh I forgot the fish and basil. They drank the wine. I have enough to cook with, and as I can't have any. May forget that also.
Enjoy the day. I am. roger

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