Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simple Observation need a PhD

I may have mentioned this on assorted web sites before I got the heave ho. But I will mention it again. There seems to be as they would say in N Yorkshire "Summat tapped wi yon swallows" To which you raise your glass of draught ale, while munching your ploughmans, and say "I ken that Marrah", and spooning down some more Branston Pickle.
See how easy it was to convey birding info in the NY Moors 50 years ago !
In Blythe, no one understands that clear logic so I will set it out easily for non "Marras "to understand !
I do not claim to be be overly swift but after 9 years I catch on !
Every year around the end of March barely into April, Cliff Swallows suddenly appear. They get into a total frenzy inspecting nests, swarming around last years nest sites like we are good to go. Then they do exactly that. Gone. Went to 3 sites this am . NOT a cliff to be found. 3 weeks they will be actively building and breeding. Same thing hapens with other migrants. Couple of BHGBeaks, N Orioles, etc. Gap until Early/ mid May . Then we restart. Odd
NO empids . Robinms building nests Chippers displaying, as Brewers and carrying nest material ?
OH first of these for the spring
Double OH.
I am going to set you all up to fail.
I am simply going to post 2 pics, or maybe more?
I will entitle it "Mystery BIRD QUIZ"
Sadly for you it will not come in the same format as many, a glossy magazine dripping with articles from the birding elite, explaining that how to become a good birder is simply that you need to go on the tour or buy the bins I am pimping
YES! This will be cruel, brutal, and hopefully send you into an Abyss of Angst and emotional panic as to your skills.
Meanwhile I will squat "Toad like " on my ego scoffing at your guesses, and pointing out your incompetency, after all, I know the answer regards rh
They are Pelagic. But then so are Ptarmigan. They shewed up on a research vessel way off Alaska. I believe they had 37
You are forewarned.

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