Sunday, April 25, 2010

OK, so I should not back into oncoming traffic

OK about 45 mins ago you probably heard a whip crack type sound, someone shouting jesus, a squealing of brakes and some unfortunate words. The "Crack" sound was my but snapping shut.The rest is logical. I was coming up 95 . The joy of the day has been swarms of tree swallows on the wires, I was at about 11 Banks, mixed in.So you cruise slowwly under them and hope for an odd type. Well 95 is not prone to that with boaters etc. Saw this damn thing in a long triple string of tree swalls.
Hit the brakes. Started backing up. Visions of christ knows what dancing around. Got four snaps. causing a problem, and CHP everywhere. Took off. Just ran it by . Damn, but that would make a great mystery bird sillhouette. Do not think I spelt that right, but them black paper things that victorian spinsters spent years snippimg out with nail scissors.I saw an exhibition, I believe at the V and A in London of the better ones. Utterly, scarily incredible products. Trees, and fields of flowers, all interconnected.One of the most impressive exhibitsI have seen, get a book from the library or google and see what I mean

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