Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stunned at Politics

Please step out find a politician, take him/her home. And introduce them to the real world. I have mine tied to the back fence, after I have read the paper I go out and thrash him with it.He is starting to sound out " stupid fool unworthy of any respect"
But it will take several more thrashings.
Some clown wants to ban wood burning fireplaces and stoves in California. Good job I still do not live on Palomar. Lock and load brother. Touch that puppy when there is no power and six foot of snow, I think not. Cut air emmisiions ? They say. How about making it liilegal to burn plastic bags, and trash in 55 Gallon Drums in your back yard on a Sunday morning. ? You could do that but there are no enforcement agents.
Why worry , be Happy.
100 year anniversary of Scouting. Girls scouting was honoured, boys not. Bitter battle in Sack-of-Mento. read the press.
Its OK to be a Lesbian Scout but not a Gay one. Intriguing. Which reminds me the only fight I have with any Homosexuality, is that Men chose the word Gay. A light hearted, joyous word in its inception , now a synonym for male Homosexuals. Why not Platonics, or something?
Oh well. Reminds me of a fun tale of two outlooks !
Two Homosexual men are stood at a crosswalk, discussing life when a stunning lady, dressed up like a dogs dinner, and literally stopping traffic walks by. They follow each step down the sidewalk until she vanishes. Their eyes meet, and one says "Its at times like this that I wish I was a Lesbian "
Birding today and some catch up. Pictures to be added in the AM, when the transmit time is faster but Saturday. 3 Swainsons Hawks, another Whimbrel (2 this spring, first 12th?) Very tough bird for Blythe, as are 2 more M Godwits, a sprinkling of Western s. 10 R N Ducks holding on, 1 fem BHead. 4 seperate Ospreys, 7 Avocets. Pair of Fuertes back ? One for sure.3 N Harriers. Thats it. Robin working on nest. WC Chipp and Brewers Sp still present. American Pipit still holding on. Verm Flycs still displaying ? Incredibly few. Guess they went to the coast. Absolutely NO migrants. Unless you need to see a Northern Oriole. Tree and Cliff Swallows gone. Whats an Empid ?Oh 2 Bronzed Cowbirds, and One RGDove male on street. Ibii vanished.
Think I will go and fill the Hummer feeders, did have a Calliope Yesterday. Most tedious.

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