Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just a re-itt.....

Amazing. Guess I do not have the global view afforded to some. A caption with a picture, on a photo site, of Smurfbirds. LOVE the site and it's links.
Here we go, drag out your CEO "health care rip off company " bonus, and follow these helpful instructions attached to one pic. "If you want to see this spectacular species, then go soon while this confiding individual is around"
I am in, if you want a ride and are willing to share gas mileage, I can pick you up and we leave first light. OK?
Pack your own lunch. Oh the bird in question. I forgot.
Ah yes "Palawan Peacock Pheasent" St Pauls NP, Phillipines.
We may have to share driving.
I wrote the idiots name down, so if I ever meet him, I will remember to slap him between the eyes with my Birds of the LCRV. What an a-hole.
Went yesterday to take pics of Cliff Swallows, and look for incipient Caves. Immediately side tracked by light and colours from graffitti on the water. Spending today trying artsy fartsy pics. Here comes the sun, gourgeous, peeking from behind the MTNs. Yesterday (Sat) Lucys and Wilsons Calling and singing. 2 L B Vireo. 1 Avocet !1 Fuertes , 2 imm rth, and N Harrier M, and 1 Fem over suitable habitat, on reserve . But different times. WT Kites Vanished. MOre news later.

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  1. L B Vireo?? Must be a Little Blue Vireo cause it sure the hell ain't a Least Bell's Vireo.

    George Bedafort