Thursday, April 15, 2010

ID Test

You should be able to get the family.
Go to NAB spring migration 2002.Go to page377.
Top RH Corner "Note the heavy bill on this bird,appreciably different from that of the smaller Zinos Petrel "
Christ how stupid of me.
Has any one seen Feas and Zinos flying together ?
Or do we rely on shitty pictures, that people who do not know what they are looking at claim, based on drawings in Bird books ? And more shitty pics, this pelagic stuff seems to be like fanir and gull watching. Self feeding. rh.
Hell a pixel there a pixel here that could look like a ? !
Page380 Bottom LHS. I am still working on dark phase Pom Skua id

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  1. feet way to the back, Eared Greebe