Friday, April 2, 2010

Not dead yet,,,logic?

One step further from the grave !
A rather worrisome,somewhat reflective thought.
Heck, I went through maybe 2 minutes of totally bizare mental, and physical experiences, which I remember implicitly. Hit the ground remember it coming up.
20 years ago, we would we be shovelling dirt on me and, those recollections would be gone. And folk would have moved on.A fact.
Pure science and incredibly talented people kept me out of that hole, I would like to think that was all. BUT as I get out and talk to folks I did not think I knew, who say non scientific stuff like we knew you would be back, and our church prayed for you, and the kids wrote a huge get well better banner. I am starting to ponder the possibility of the fact that,,,,,,,,,, I have no answers to everything.
Went to sign on to local doc, I guess I am ahead of the curve health wise, I can not seem to absorb the logic of the systems stroke treatment regimen.( Numbers vague guesses)The first 30 days you get back 60% of what you will reacquire, then the Law of Diminishing proportions steps in. So driving , shopping, balancing check book, seeing to myself, cooking, cramming everything in I can. DR suggests I sit back rest and take it easy for 2 or 3 weeks, as does everyone else. Great, I will remember to sit back and rest for the next several years.
Strokes are like Earthquakes, there are small tremors ahead you ignore. and you get hit by the big one, life falls apart. Get up and rebuild. Here is where earthquakes differ from strokes. Strokes. Advice "you are going to get afterstrokes/shocks", (OK I now Know what I am looking for)"There could be a worse one or one nearly as bad in the future " When ?, "WE don't know but you shouldn't really .......(Pick your favourite pastime) until you know you are not going to have one"
Going birding tomorrow.
Today, supremely lucky. Allowed to drive to Docs, left super early, it can take at least 2 hours to go 14 miles if the traffic is bad.!!! Sewage plant quiet, Cemetery 2 chippers, a tour of fields revealed 1 swainsons, old catfish ponds 17 RN Ducks and a RB Gull, still WC Sparrows. On the way home swung by Fish Farms. More luck, the bank has been reduced and graded. Stood talking to owner. More luck. Out of knowhere got a "Run By". This bird appeared from nowhere dropped like a stone landed on the bank beside us, made 2 bounces, the look around, the hell NO, OUT A HERE 3 steps and left. Camera in cab,grab spin and shoot. 3 frames.
Now Godwit is a rare bird, and this is way early for a spring bird.The bbrc would have to establish a pattern. We do not see them every year. So maybe we should not count it as this might be the year we do not see one, because we do not have a pattern yet. Once I have a pattern, I will go back and see if it fits it. ID skills at their best!
Still waiting on more migrants. Going to drive some back roads on the desert margin today and look for Sparrows. A Gropper would be most excellent.WKBirds everywhere. Just after 4 am and they are whit-whittering away alreadt

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