Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OK I have paid my dues.. back off. OK

Screwed backwards and damned forwards. Dozed OFF....
Inscrutable Dr Chua, "Eyes greeming with Joy"
Had the courtesy not to say " Hah Lodger, your charming wife and prenty flends hab been terring you for years, I been terring you. YOU HAB a STLOKE. And you hab a big lon, this time rucky not kill you. Next time you flucked, you son of a blitch".
Did not have to say it. Merely the way he tap danced down the hall, taking high fives from his staff, did a double back flip, into the splits whilst spinning his cane, as confetti fell from the ceiling and the chorus sang some number whose main theme seemed to be "WE TOLD YOU SO SUCKER"
In front of the giant screen shewing reruns of my reprobate, self indulgent life style..
Sorry, misled you. After dozed OFF... insert woke up, then carry on. Sorry, you might have thought it was an odd dream, not reality !!
I have made a 99% recovery I guess. BUT. I punched my ticket to the "DIET ZONE".
BIG SAMOAN dude behind me in the check out counter at Albertsons, in Border Patrol type outfit.5:30 am .As I was sneaking out yummies, and talking to Tony, so she would miss the jar of liguid pork fat, preserved in Salt. Great on low cal crackers. A sound appeared, Hey, your the teacher who had a heart attack, my daughter has you. You know you can't have that,oh put that back, no thats not good etc etc Thinking of changing states
I thought it was just Paranoia..............IT IS NOT
Even the Earth is screwing with my diet, everyone hates me.
I spent a whole week charting my blood pressure,trembling from spam withdrawel symptoms in dark cabinets while sucking my toes and chanting "I can change my life style for this one blow out moment of decadence, I can do it"
I calculated what it would take for me to have 3 spring lamb chops that favourite butcher dan promised to cut me from the end of a rack.So I did without
Sorry,but all the debt etc was set to be wafted from my conciousness,as I was about to lift four of the six chops, medium rare onto my plate (OK so dan can't count) to nestle next to some lightly steamed, skin on tiny baby yukon potatoes, with a sprig of mint from the yard and a dash of Tarragon flakes, and the petite French Peas I had been saving, to splash My Brit Cross and Blackwell Mint sauce over with fresh ground pepper, and a just baked Flute of Sourdough bread. The pop of the merlot cork (Saved up beer credits)was awaiting.
Whose idea was that ?
By the time the train was rerailed and the phones hung up, from calling anyone and anyone, to ask if they felt the earthquake............
Chops sat there over cooked, then "Turn offf the stove, the house could catch fire" sent them into icy congealment.
Man they were beautiful. I will miss them.
Leaves me no choice but to find out who organised that fiasco, and "gun 'em down"
When the forces of nature are trying to keep you on a diet, best pay attention !
Very, very windy. Like my chum noted on ICB, lots of Yellowthroats moving through. Least Bittern, Virginia Rail,Crow and best bird Oregon Junco.
Everything as expected.
OK NO excuse for miss-ID Myarchus . Been here for a week.
regards rh
ps Neighbour told me I can not have egg yolks any more. Going to check, must be a line of insanity in his family, why did they invent boiled eggs and toast fingers with butter ?

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