Sunday, April 4, 2010

Location Location Location !

I know "Big deal"
But as I always espouse, my rary is your yard bird, and wikky werrkay as the Romans where oft to shriek. This is probably the hardest Sawbill for me to see on the river. (See how careful I was with that statement. Tons of wriggle room !)
Almost all of my birds over 10 years have been "drop birds" long range fem/imm types. Scope jobs at best. Tough push to be annual. Just pondering as I type, this may be my first ad Male ?
Incredibly flighty, canal hopping, and running back on its self. Finally took a SWAG as to where on canal walked in sneeked up bank 8 pics an 3 hours, bird in Oregon by now !
Works for me . ADD BIG race of Canada G (will check pics), Bufflehead and that was my am birding.
Nothing stunning, but the pics work for me ! Roger

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