Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a catch up

Over the course of the last ten days "Pre-event", we had BC,Annas, Costas, and a possible Calliope displaying in the yard no selasphorous ?Robins in the cemetery assorted lingerers. Ignored medical advice went for a walk, along street ! RG Dove present. Ash Th Flyc and W Kingbs, Swallows. WC Sparrows at Drs, Chippers at the library.11 fly over Swainsons. 2 Pine Siskins. And thats about it. Oh ,larid sps 3 wife driven car. Boney size.
Talking of size. I woke up in Phoenix ICU clad in tubes, wires and a dishcloth, and bags putting in orange liquids and,filling up with the same apparent solution, at a lower altitude. Now I have never had a catheter, never discussed catheters never been to a catheter seminar. Do not know how you wear them , always assumed suction cup, cow milking device. I am a man of modest proportions, tube looked impressive enough, relax into foolish male security.Nurse comes in swapping tubes changing bags from bottom to top, run the stuff through again. Hankie dislodges. THE tube is INSIDE me.. THank whomever I was unconcious when they put THAT in.I do not process 400 gallons a minute, I don't need a city sewer access Jeez, removal was a treat also. Enough, they cried. More when I remember it !


  1. Oh they inserted a Foley, huh? I hate when that happens. I remember that 1993 kidney stone where I woke up with literally fishing string hanging out of Mr Happy, so that they could pull the tubing out when my left ureter was no longer mad at the world.
    They sent me home, and days later (Vicodin every couple of hours) a friend drove me back, When the urologist pulled it out, I screamed so loud that (according to my dearly departed Mom) all of the men in the waiting room crossed their legs involuntarily.
    Tom Miko

  2. Take care Roger. In the immortal words of I.A....
    "Fly before you fall, little sparrow on the schoolyard wall."

    Bill Thompson