Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birds and rubbish

Well. The road sign is now on a third of all exit ramps to Blythe (ie One)
Pretty much somes up the local negative spin on out of towners !!!
The birds , you should be able to figure out. The fun one was the sparrow, Camera totally unset up for the bird in view a minute snapped first ,bins second. Chesnuty cheeks, bright yellow head stripes stunning white throat, and rufous back. I guess a savannah sparrow , though it seemed in behaviour/posture different. A race I have never seen before. The picture does it no justice , any one know a sparrow loony? A total lack of migrants.
Headed to parker to fill drug prescription tomorrow. Will bird there. Why you ask when we have a Pharmacy at Rite Aid. Cal Cost $385.
Walmart AZ generics $37:95.
Tell me someone is not "F123456g" someone.
Keep smiling RH

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