Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sewage farm rules

Great opening headline
Reminds me of the Monty Python Line. Whats brown and sounds like a Bell ?.........DUNG.
No-one could spout that correctly but Eric Idle !
Also reminds me of my brit birding mate, venturing out onto the drying beds, at Bev Sewage Farms in Yorkshire, Curlew/Green Sand I forget. Imagine a pie crust of indeterminate thickness,and strength and a filling of indescribable FILTH ! I had ventured out picking Tomatoes, best ever, seeds go through you, food and water. Excellent. Now I was about 2/3 his mass and height, and the crust was being kind to me. Chris ventured further to chase the bird. Exceeded the elastic strength of the "Crust". Close your eyes. Imagine away. I do not care if you are on medication for a vivid imagination. You will never, ever have the mental video that I have etched in my brain. What was more fun, we had got there on Public Transport, return trip ???!!! Awesome. Thanks Chris thats what friends are for. Oh I promised never to reveal his last name was Harbard, and I never have !
Right now my sewage plant, much different process etc, is probably the best place in Blythe. I have early birds, some late ones and some fun ones. So I will try and download pics.Down loaded.
Think we can safely say "Rusticolla"
Early SemiP Plover, a Least and a Killdeer, they were part of a flock, that suddenly froze, and froze and froze. Got out to find out why ? Peregrine on utility pole !
Eared Grebe latish. No hope on Ibii! FOS W Sands. Crappy Cliff Swallow, but reasonable percentage shewing white tips to outer retrices, and white /very pale windows.Like this New Race !
Flighty scaup on canal. Odd dot head bird at vast range. Harlequin he hoped !
700mm digital screwed with to the limits of light gathering. Reveals fem scaup. Not used to that plumag
Light is up headed for sewage hunting.regards roger

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