Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cooler tempers prevail

The temps are dropping and the humidity moved through. Thankyou weather organizer. Folks are starting to smile not snarl, including me, this has been a savage summer here in Blythe. You have to love this. Our garage desperately needs a cement access ramp, as SWHMBO spins the car in the dirt/gravel and is gradually removing the front of my Jeep, and the side of my house. With near misses. NOw I have a guy out here driving a "Digger " that probably could pick up my house. I have three guys, shirts off with muscles in places I did not know existed, pounding in steel and using tools I am too scared to plug in, that make scary noises,bulding ramp footings out of trees they just gnawed downd and running around with wheelbarrows of "Top slurry" or something. Shouting about slappers and floats. SWMBO comes in and says what are they doing? I said building a cement ramp that you have wanted for the last 8 years. Always good to state the bleeding obvious, sends everyone in different directions. "Shouldn't you be out there supervising and helping "
Now I ask you why would I want to wake up buried in ten cubic yards of cement.
Sewage plant "THE" spot 13 sp wader this AM

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