Sunday, August 16, 2009

The change a summer can make, and up U2

See they change places, in Spring the Wilsons is always at the back, but in the fall they are always in the front. A helpful field note from Blythe. I do helpful mammal tips as well Male Zebras have black stripes on a white background, and females have white stripes on a black background.
Now you know why I have a teaching credential !
The summer was not long enough to recover from part of my final exam intro "Find an Earth Science word for every letter in the alphabet each one is worth 5 points so, anyone, how much is the assignment worth ?
Stunned silence
OK Lets do this on the board, anyone how many letters in the alphabet ? "
Stunned silence. Quavering voice.
Twenty? Well a e i o u and sometimes Y are vowels so they are not letters.
17 years old, folks
Oh UP U2 ?
I just changed channels from the most onanistic sport in the galaxy Golf to the news
"World poverty concerned, global warming african nation citizens" doing commercials for "Blackberry"
Just how greedy are those phony bastards. Like they need the money ?
Apalled. Lets have Bono fly to Africa and cry as he hands out his brand name sunglasses and Blackberries. Maybe he slipped the Pope a freeby for a visit. catholic church loves gifts.
Put Bono down on your life list of totally sham phony celebrities whose talent has run out. I am going to put him between Anna Nicole Smth and Michael Jackson. That squeezes out Mick Jagger though. Life is full of problems
Two of the most delicate of waders and a special bird for Blythe

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  1. I suggest you look harder. Bono has done a lot of charity work.
    Tom Miko