Sunday, August 23, 2009

The slow spiral into insanity

Well the school year starts tomorrow. I started a long missive discussing the stupidity of the pre-school, "Kumbya" meetings. Deleted it . Too depressing. So drop to your knees and be happy, for I will not subject thee my readers !
The first day as always consists of cramming the entire school staff into a poorly air conditioned room, being introduced to the latest sacrificial administrators (I have had nine Principals in 11 years)Who say how happy they are (until their wives get here !) WE had one , whose wife was Russian, who hung for two months , dragged him out of his car in the parking lot , thrashed him with her high heeled shoe and took everything, and the kids and went back to Russia. All in a month.It gets worse !Another time. Then we get an Inspirational speaker, about an hour of drivel, someone should have just videoed Oprah. Probably cost $5000. Then to our scattered bodies go. Newbies "Oh Mr Higson I did not see you there" . A look is sufficient.Went once, won't go again. Same as that idiotic waste of money High Scchool Graduation. Went to a dept meeting. "Do you want to be head of DPT you are most senior, Oh no you do it will be a great learning tool for you"
Another liability dodged, plus this person loves meetings and taking notes to report back. Hey, who am I to deprive a yound educator from the joy of filling out dozens of forms and attending after school meetings, so I can hit the sewage plant?
I lost complete interest, when the Tech support Guy got up and said" I know a lot of you are having trouble with the school internet, it crashing and not running, so if it crashes on you and won't work, send me an e-mail. And I will come and fix it"
Just a couple of pics from this am. The coyote pup was miles away (?) a long way off and he was playing with a stick , throwing it up and chasing it. Fine stuff. Tried to sneak up. They run from vehicles. Local sportsmen drive around in Jeeps and shoot them. Reminds me of the Pink Floyd song "Run like Hell"
Roger !

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