Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spies futility and idiots

Well swmbo returned and got the pm plumber wait. If you have never birded a desert sewage plant, you would be amazed at how fast the water percolates through the sand and vanishes once the supply ends, 1/3 the birds and 1/8 th the water I had four hours earlier So it goes .Down to 9 sp, other ponds filling rapidly though.
Sometimes when I have had a good day and not screwed everything up too much, I like to buy an 8oz can of ice cold Clamato and sip it like fine wine. So stopped at the Shell station to spoil myself. Wind gusting to 50(HIgh wind warning), dust storm 106 degrees A high maintainence couple dashed in from their convertible both holding their hair ? And bought high end processed tap water.I had forgotten what loafers looked like and Captain Jackets. As we surveyed each other with mutual disgust, heprobably was not as mutual as his wife who turned her back. He spoke "THE FATEFUL WORDS " In an annoying loud tone "Does it always get this Hot here in the Summer Ha Ha ?" I felt the pressure of the sun scorched field workers buying their Budweisers after picking Melons all day, and the two ladies I know behind the counter with no AC upon my back. I put on my pretentious british accent "Actually, it is quite surprising now you point it out.I had not noticed Who would have thought high temperatures in August in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Thankyou for pointing it out " "Huge smile of "Getting to know the locals" I wish I had been Eric Idle !I try. Next statement "Have you noticed how windy it is " . "That would explain the dust blowing by ". I am still savouring my clamato, but with greater relish.
Spies. Off we go on a limb, sawing it off behind me. Look at this from my sideways obtuse thinking angle, before you cancel your subscription.
A high ranking Politician,the former USA Vice President and Nobel Prize winner, is your boss. Now I assume employers keep track of what their employees are doing. You get dispatched as a reporter "ie a gatherer of any information at any risk on a certain subject'
In this case trafficking in Humans.
You are sent to one of the most Politically charged and nuclear sensitive parts of the World . ie N Korea to acquire information on this topic, a rabidly scary topic, with no intention but to embarass the Government. You are a professional with intimate knowledge of the region, and admittedly and willingly cross an International border illegally to aquire information that will be shipped back to the west, and used to denigrate and maybe bring down a government. Why is that not spying ? I am not talking about the cause or intent, I am talking about the actions taken by these womwn. And I am supposed to believe Gore did not know. Talk about a circle the wagons buddies we got caught, trip by Clinton. I do not care how the Western Press handles this. N Korea won that Political hand in Spades. Kim Dung Chin probably upped his stature in his own mind immeasurably. Ready for some more rocket launches ? I can guarantee, he has his fire work collection set to go.
Idiots. Why on Earth where people hiking along the border of the next nuttiest nation in the world. Hey, I have an idea lets go hike along the rim of the second most crazy regime in the worlds border and get lost, and arrested. those fools should be left where they are. Is there nowhere else to go hiking in the Galaxy other than the border with President Afghanyilisamadad AND THE NUTTERS IN IRAN. I have an idea, lets all go hike the Khyber Pass, and camp in the Hindu Kush. while we are at it.Sounds spiffy to me PLease someone identify the common gene these people have so we can keep them from getting passports. Got to go fill hummer feeders , the high wind dumped themm mostly
Keep thinking, and pondering, there is quite obviously only a few of us left.roger

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  1. Be glad they didn't cross the Mexican border: they would have gotten shot in the ass by the U.S. Border Patrol.

    Tom Miko