Saturday, August 8, 2009

Original concept requires intelligence, random Predator pics

Takes for ever to download pics this size. Thats an hour. Going to go smaller tomorrow, and maybe you can make them larger ? If not, you just get more but smaller !I was running through the paper, you know that thing you hold and read, TV turned off. Whilst these topics I struggled through Are we overeacting ? Could be wrong, how much profit will the Pharmaceutical companies make out of the latest Pandemic of swine fever ? Ain't happened yet and most of the deaths are of people with "Underlying symptoms". More die a day of Common Flu !
Why not carpet Bomb the white Striped friut fly infestation, should get the rest of the infestation of 7 individuals, and wipe out the Mango and Guava crops they are specific two. Also help the economy by clearing land for reconstruction. Headline in the Press Diatribe/ Pravda west.
Economy shows signs of life.
Downturn, numbers remain abysmal...
Would you not wish to be in a hospital and have a nurse come in and say Mr Higson your wife shews signs of life. And the next line is "Downturn But chances of living remains abysmal.....' Don't these people read this ?
I think not.
Why do I care that some russian supermodel,Oblivious Slutchicksky is the sixth Supermodel to become pregnant this year ?
Though I must admit, if I had been involved in any of them, hell why not all of them I am open minded, I would be writing my memoirs instead of this rubbish. Got to take a nap , still a few more to go before I hit the Guinness book of records, at my age need to conserve my energy.

From the desert

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