Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If you can't get your facts right then...

Over the years I have become exceedingly pissed off at Hummingbird books and "THe chosen ones " Who identify R T Hummers in the field in CA by tail shape and colouration. These bastards don't sit long enough to shoot them, let alone count the emargination on the second tertiary. When I had a collecting permit blasted more wasps than Hummingbirds. I swear they are Psychic.Gun they know, they even know cameras, as I found out today. Look at them sideways they are gone. I returned from a V8 and pick up the papers slow tour of my circuit. And promised myself a quiet day finish the NYT crossword, spam sandwich with watercress lunch (Dead serious, try it with Chulupa sauce), a long shower, and Jeopardy. Stood looking at my hummer feeders. Selasphorousesses and an odd one and a Costas. They need photoing methinks. So set up shop. Moved all the Hummer feeders to where I could sit in the shadows of the garage, and shot 50 frames, came in ran myself through the shower,, and my microchip theuogh the computer. Back out again ! So much for relaxing. 4 hours. The quality is not earth shattering. But I do not see how Allens/ Rufous can be split. Got 'em here in the same picture , but only "ONE" bird pick your choice depending on which birding bible you use. More tomorrow
Birding in Blythe Roger

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