Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why I like shopping, and hummers

Had a great day shopping, it was way too much fun. Need to do it more often.
Essentially dragged by the Gonads to go and buy back to school clothes in Parker. Intelligent begging, crying and stamping of feet, did not work. Dropped into subtle approach, "it is 104 the Ac does not work and we are not sure if they have what we need lets go to KMART" "no wee are going to go look at the new Walmart" "I will get them to e-mail us a picture" No Luck. Got in the passenger seat of the jeep with a cooler full of ice, to fill my shirt pockets with. "You are not driving ?" "Hell NO" "Why not?" "this was your stupid idea, I am only along as an inocent victim, my participation is being quiet and not saying I told you so" Off we go. We get to the outlet store I get one shirt $8;50, top end for me. We go to WALMART. Everything is the same price as here ! Well maybe not , but not enough unless you are buying an Ark load fo TP, to justify 4 hours of birding time 125 miles on an aged vehicle in 107 heat, and 7 gallons of gas.For afriggin Hawaiian shirt.
On the way out had a brilliant idea. If you are ever inParker go to "Tacos and Beers". Fabulous spot. I was so fed up I actually walked up and said "What is on the menu?" Charming lady said "tacos and Beer". Definitely family run eatery, they were having a splendid fight in the kitchen , but the sizzling and smells held promise. Went with "Huevos Rancheros, with flour Tortillas" Food of the Gods. The best I have ever had, and I have eaten them in maany spots.The rancho sauce was so good and cri
sp and fresh. AAAAAAgh Drove home . Got home, heat stressed. Well why don't we go to KMArt ? Off she went, alone. 9 Hawaiian shirts, gorgeous. Clearence $2 each. I was dozing on the sofa, watching jeopardy. Why Men keep their mouths shut at times. "Roger,you know that was a total waste of time and money going to Parker, sorry I screwed up your birding time". You simply say "thats ok, whats for dinner"
Advice to newly weds Do not fall into the trap of saying " For Christ sakes I was telling you that for threehours this morning" " Instead you say " No I am glad we found the restraunt when it gets cooler we will go back, and thanks for driving" Never say "I told you so". Go figure the Hummers
The last pic took 25 minutes. Will try again tomorrow

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