Saturday, August 8, 2009

later in the day,

A bit of a dead loss, for birds. 5 Forsters at the fish farm was nice, sewage farm all but empty, it will be a couple of days till the ponds refill. There are about 25 acres of "Fallowed land " just irrigated, and planted just around the corner with what looks like a forage Grass, some Monocot. Any way, it is just the right height and they are just far enough away, and I usually do not have my spectacles on, that only the heads of a small group of Mourning Doves peaking out of the grass and moving rapidly, looks like a small flock of "Grass-pipers". Damned if I did not get conned again today.Wheres my .410 ?OK Sorting pics. You could get anything.You have been warned. Oh did you hear Michael Jackson died. The TV press has lost all my respect for it. Where is the integrity and value system. Seriuosly true "News break" Michael Jacksons dr denies ever giving him anything that could kill him, more at noon. Right in the middle of my Hannah Montana show rerun.Anything can kill you, what a facile statement, if you give him anything you could kill him, if it was provided incorrectly and in the incorrect way. I had a friend who was killed by Honey. Yes Honey. A truck load of it ran him over. See the idiotic logic.Actually I was changing from birding gear and turned on the TV. Had to sit for a few minutes and have my few remaining brain cells sucked out. No wonder the youth of today are stupid, why is not Sharpton, and Jackson jumping up and down about racial profiling on that show. Terrible
What we need is TV shows that I grew up on. Tom and Jerry, now there is gratuitous violence between different species. The Lone Ranger, healthy stereotype depiction of Native races, their limited vocabulary "Kemo Sabbay", and their inability to ride in a saddle. Bat towel good enough. The Lone Ranger would look over his shoulder and fire a shot, at least ten horses and riders would go down. Mothers would always wear pearls for breakfast, there was only one half way intelligent cop in town, and it only took an hour for the ATeam to recue someone from Afghanistaniverdiana or somewhere. I guess the commercial time was spent travelling, oh and when someone got shot and fell down in a Movie, it was the sound of the bang that killed them, no impact they all seemed to fall forward. I could go on but..........

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