Thursday, August 6, 2009

Waders , cement, and spies

It was too much to resist. I asked the Visigoths and Huns who were "Refloating' the cement ramp for the 3rd time, as each of my wifes 3 cats felt it necessary to walk through the cement. Before she could catch them.One guy threw a rock at one,SWMBO saw, I am sure his wife won't mind that he will be happy in a fish tank eating mealworms and crickets. I was liking the idea of La Higsons Cement Pits. Did not fly. Any way, went out, and tried to placate them by asking if I could put my hand prints in it. Hell you would think I had asked my wife for sex, faces started twitching, small furry animals died in their tracks, people rushed out of their houses shouting it's the Apocolypse. I usually figure that out as a no.Not a word was spoken, but the way they were loading the big diggers machine guns made me say "Nice job" and run back in the house. I waited until they were gone and sneaked out and carved a Terek Sandpiper in it. Intimidate me , huh.
The sewage plant this morning was awesome. Opening up two beds closing down 3. Waders everywhere. Well for me
14 species. Too stunning as I was packing up to come home and sit away the day waiting for the Plumber to arrive at 9am. Bastard has not yet arrived, but then when you only have one you sit and wait.Welcome to Blythe.SWMBO has the afternoon shift.
A great birding moment. I was micturating behind the truck, loud strange call, grabbed bins from hood , wet leg (Muscle response and age). A large godwitty bird that literally tumbled out of the sky, in almost free fall calling all the way. Images of Black tailed ,or hudwit danced in my mind. As it span you could not tell which was up nor down, flashes of Black and white. It started way up in the sky, it was circling and then went for it. Incredible, it seemed like only 50 feet above me it flattened its wings, and killed its speed by making half a dozen incredibly fast circuits before hitting the water, and gulping liquids. Juv Willet Pic above. Stunning birding memory. That is to be used in the "Not another god damn school mission meeting" where 75 people get numb asses, and fill in all the o's on the important mission statements, that never make it past the entry lobby trash cans as the intelligent ones leave. Yes getting back in school mode !I DO NOT keep any of that crap.If the "Principal de Jour" says please make sure you bring your completed 23wqe form to the meeting. Go find a freshman teacher they keep everything, ask to copy theirs. If it looks good either white out their name, or say "I did not get the memo, and I was looking for it" Or "I thought we where supposed to put it in your mail box,you must have misplaced it, I am sorry but you did not make that quite clear at our last meeting" It really does not matter anyway, the rules will change before anything gets implemented !
Jaded yes
Realist most definitely
I needed a new moment, a female Snowy Owl landing on a stone hedge 20 feet from me in the soaking rain/sleet as I peed on the wall, preparing to hitch back to Brit, from N Uist in the Hebrides,in a driving atlantic storm after just ticking Stellers Eider was wearing thin.
The eider bit , not the Owl. I have never seen a more magnificent creature in my life. You do not know birding until a Snowy Owl has looked you up and down with contempt, stared at you with those piercing eyes, and you have actually eye locked. Mesmerizing. Now I know what must go through a rodents mind. Shrugged the sleet off and silently drifted into the fog. I have spent hours as a teacher trying to learn that look, maybe if my eyes were Yellow ?
Enjoy some early am wader snaps
Regards Roger
Oh ps Aprapos of nothing. I did wet my leg, when I grabbed my bins, with the owl. I remember quite clearly. That was the warmest any part of my external body had been in 24 hours !Oh Double PS PS. I realise one of them is a Godwit, interesting to see so many Wader sp have Yellow Legs. Any reason?

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