Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OK Hummers and back to school

A couple of hummer pics, you id them !
I have been working solely with Howells Photographic guide to Hummers. Absolutely essential. I love his caveat on Rufous/Allens, do not call them unless....
The only argument I have with steves book is the phrase "Based on Geographic range and timing " the bird is probably a............
He freely admits that most are impossible even in the hand. Then how do we determine their timing and range . Someone got a sack full of dead ones, a gps and a museum tray ? I think not. I suspect that the distribution maps are based on ameteurs like myself who look at the maps, that are based on the spurious records of amateurs like myself. It seems to be a self promulgating creature lke the Worm Ouroborous. Hummingbirds do not sit still with their tails spread. I was shooting at 1300/second. Took probably 500 pics. I place a couple, for your amusement. Anyone who claims they can detect primary lenghths on a flying bird is a liar, anyone who can spot indentations in tail feathers is a liar, any one who can spot lanceolate tail feathers is a liar, and frankly Allens Hummers got their distribution turned upside down recently here in CA. Good job all amateurs involved. I remember some learned discussion that "based on range and timing " they could not be such.Any way you play with the pics.
More of the same this afternoon.
THE MOST HATED DAY OF THE YEAR.Sometime soon SWMBO is going to drag me out of the house and drive me to the City to buy me back to school clothes. Why the hell I have to go I have no idea. She knows my jean size, and the fact I no longer wear anything but anti social, or rock T-shirts and "The more lurid the Better" Hawaiin shirts. And 2 pairs of white 10 1/2 wide, cheapest in the store sneakers "But you might see something nice for a change that you might want to try on" 3 flaws. NIce, change,try on. I will go, just to bird the City. Its one hell of a drive in this heat, the traffic and smog suck and there are too many people. I hate it.
Have fun with the hummers.
PS Oh we are going to Parker, what a trek, better saddle up the pack terriers

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  1. Not having cracked open any field guides, my first reaction is one female and one male Black-chinned. One of Kimball's quotes is "I don't i.d. empids from photos." I would say the same about immature and/or female hummingbirds.
    Tom Miko
    PS: you shoulda gone to SEAZ with us: it was way cooler (temperature-wise) than Bliss-I mean-Blythe.