Thursday, July 16, 2009


Random thoughts !
My word is that a childish title
to start off an intellectually stimulating diatribe. Sorry, still busts me up. Other ones, the PETA one you have to get very very close to, bins help,BIG first letters and the rest, tiny, tiny letters. People Eat Tasty Animals. And one that cracked me up 30 plus years ago as I rode the elevator /lift to the bio floor at UCLA.Scrawled on the wall was "Archeduke Franz Ferdinand IV found alive and living in La Jolla. World War one, all a mistake "
Now you know my level of humour. Time passes.
The TV this morning took me back exactly 40 years.
I watched Apollo 11 land on the moon with my dad, drinking Lager and eating Bratwurst and saurkraut in the bar just outside the us air base. Frankfurt,with US airmen as the black and white feed came through from the USA on Forces TV. I was stunned. Where were you !
Probably a full 60% of my students , do not believe we landed on the moon. Thanks Fox network
I am going to play my new "Its too hot: bored Game" It is the
"After possibly faked death of Michael Jackson game" Its easy.You go down to Goose Flats, and lay down in one of the critter infested stagnant ponds, and see how many blood sucking parasites, media idiots and bottom feeding carnivores,trash,and scum sucking lawyers you can attract in a week.
I thought of the idea, stay away or I will have to sue you !
Talking of words. Has anyone but me picked up on Talking Heads using the word "closestess" as in the 4 am news, Pyramid Fire report "The closestess houses were some miles away". Heavens above, the Eiffel Tower was "Some miles away " also.
Scary, the illiteratii are taking over.
Oh words SWMBO is the kind of person who polishes potatoes, and makes the sunlight take its shoes off before it comes in the house, BUT. She was cleaning off the dining room table mess with the jeans I just wore for two hours. Got her. I was reading my new Wader book
"Do you know were those jeans have been?"
"No" Surprised.
"I wore them without underwear for the last week while I was in the fish farm ditch with the Grebes"
Dead silence. I will retrieve them from the dustbin later. I lied. I threw the others away last week, these are fine. As I have always aspired to ,the smallest of pleasures can be found in the silliest of places if you seize the moment. Unfortunately she is talking to the Vice Witch about a new table. May have to fess up as both cars are dead ! And the fundage is lowish.
Seizing the moment, and words continued.
I came across 2 first rate words, and if you are a kid in your 20s do this. You can not be prosecuted they are all valid words.I am pondering the idea myself
Go into the fruit and veggie department at your local large Supermarket (OK Redundancy), and start throwing a hissy fit. "Shrieking I need the produce manager now"
If and when the poor fellow arrives. Look him straight in the eye and say "Fetch me the Mocteroof, immediatelly or I will call the Health department"
This will induce a state of panic at once.
"The what, why?" The poor chap will cry.
Death blow.
"Are you kramers selling frubbish with out a licence"
Go heavy and long on the F in Frubbish
Its actually quite harmless AND TRUE.
Mocteroofs, a very obscure word. means the people who take low quality or spoiled fruit and "frubbish them". Frubbishing is the art of waxing and doctoring the produce and fruit so the customer will think its top quality and buy without question. Been there? Tossed your pear after the first bite, yes you got frubbished !
Oh and a "Kramer" is one who sells such Frubbish. Again extra strenth and length on the "other" F word.
Birded briefly, just horrid, the truck can sit. I put my "easy tools "in ice water.If you can't fix it with a paint stirrer (Screwdriver) and a meat mallet(Rubber hammer) and duct tape I am screwed Early start tomorrow. A kid went to Hospital with 3rd degree burns from leaning on a metal playground seat
This is the worst summer, heat and humidity wise I have suffered in Blythe.
But when fall and winter get here would not be anywhere else. I rediscovered something my mother used in England, come hell or highwater she used it. Ever taken frozen underwear off the line and put them in the gas oven before wearing them to school ? I think they were put out there in the rain to save on the rinse cycle. We are talking Winter in Cottingham Yorkshire. I am sure my brothers remember my stunned born and raised San Diego cheerleader amazed at bringing in frozen clothes and using the wooden rack known as a clothes drier that stood by the coal fire !
Poor girl.
Yes the solar clothes dryer.
Reset the posts ,strung the lines, bought the pegs.
Going green !
Pulled the plug on the electric clothes dryer, bought a bunch of those spirally light bulbs, four for $5 with Edison rebates, replacing the others as they die.Turn off everyone we do not use Read the box, looked at my stash.If the literature is right I may have to include these in my will. I will have at least 2 cases left when I shuffle off this mortal coil.
The good news. My electric bill for last month, with heat and everything and AC running like a big dog, and we are all electric for Everything including well pump dropped from $315 to $185. I am liking it,try it.
Well that is more than enough for one day, and way too much crap to sort through. Simply for fun. Oh the highlight of the day as I typed the above line. One of the training jets from Yuma came zooming over along the river, illegally low. The terriorists in the front picked up the sound as it came south, slowly for a change, but they looked up as it flew by they chased it down the fence full tilt until they hit the other end. Hope springs eternal. Another small humourous moment.
regards rh

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