Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not for the faint of heart. Warned you. Part one test results

Thought I would start off with a bird having more luck than humans at teaching their young.
Classrooms are now basicly jungles, there is no respect for authority, there is no concistent administration. 8 principals in 10 years. All of whom have a different philosophy, and want classroom procedures to change. No consistency. The state changes the rules every year. We teach to a test, because of that criminal Bush. The rules change every year. The staff changes every year. As people bail. People get laid off because of budgets and notification deadlines. They find they have the money and have to go find new teachers.Bluthe recruits teachers from the Phillipines. Nice people sure, but whats wrong with Riverside. Answer . They get them at minimum wage, more than back home , wait for their visa to run out and go get more. No Joke..
Earth science was a Lab Science, max 28 students, 5 sections equalled 140 students. Good. New classrooms designed for that.Policy change, Earth science now a text book class. Went to 6 sections and shortened the classroom time. I started the year with 215 students,all 9th grade, retreads, and recidovists.You do he classroom numbers.Not enough chairs and tables.Periods are 50 minutes, so by the time you have them calmed down sat and taken attendence, you have 40 if you are lucky. Peridically you have to take away i-pods and collect text messengers equipment and fill out the paper work, another 5 minutes. Guaranteed another 5 minutes putting wanderes back in their seats. Then there is the inevitable 'You go fuck yourself you nigger fucking ho" outburst.Then you have the "Mr Higson can I go to the bathroom interruption" ie they just got a text message and wish to reply in the bathroom or the text is from the other half to meet outside. Then you have to explain why when you say NO, you mean it ! Then after you explain the assignment which is written on the board you have to find pencils for kids who have sat there 10 minutes for doing nothing. Then you ask Jorge why aren't you doing anything ? "Oh what are we doing" This leaves for a good quality 10 minutes. Do not get me wrong I have some great students, but there should be some way of putting them together, and letting me have a fun couple of periods. And just stick the dregs in another class, where I can baby sit them.I had one class with 6 of the brightest students in. Polite and willing to learn. All got 100%, not by my efforts but theirs. Same class 3 students 0%, they came to school to socialize and disrupt. Yes thats right 0%. Not a pencil touched paper. Two others where in and out of Juvy Hall, plus one was a halfed stoned sniggerer, and her totally stoned sidekick. Getting the picture.
"Why don't you just fucking shut up asshole nobody gives a fucking shit about school anyway" Greeted one of my lectures !
About 30% live on the move, different house every week or in cars. Probably 70% one parent, the other in the local prison. the list goes on.
People just seem to savour their schhol days but society is crumbling.
Hell you cry, you are just a shitty teacher. I think not, I was head of the Science department, at one school mentor teacher at this school and got some Presidential thing for my "I love me wall" , signed with his own rubber stamp somewhere. May have tossed it. New teachers come to me for advice, and in tears. You would be frightened in some classes, I have gone in and broken up. Teachers should not be scared to go into their rooms
I have 3 simple classrooms. Every year we get a motivational speaker who explains how to write up our classroom rules by working with the students input, and discussing what they think will make for a calm learning environment you can work in with mutual respect. Where do they find these nutters?
My rules written for all to see.
RULE 1. Do not screw with anyone or anything in this room, or I will screw with you. And I have had years of practice and I am good.
RULE 2. There is no rule 2.
RULE 3 Reread rule one.
Participation in classroom policy my butt.
Due to budget cuts I may have 210 students this next year. Boy California sure loves education.
Enough for one day.
A person can only absorb so much doom and gloom.
A student asked me just how old was I?
My answer "Old enough to be dead before you guys take over"
And I mean it.

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