Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sam I am , pets and birds.

There is no point in bitching about the weather any more. If you have not caught on to the fact that Blythe in July is not good.You are obviously not sentient.I found out way back that when I leave the store where I buy crickets for my classroom reptiles , I have 8 minutes to get them to school otherwise they quite literally melt. Hence, my invention, the "Cricket Cooler". Soon to be available from the shopping channel ! "$1;00 each"
If you buy three, you get an extra one, and you only pay shipping and handling. Of only ( an undisclosed number to be decided by me !)
Pets ? Sat looking at Samuel H Adams, back up to my pal Guinness. What a dedicated mess.We go with "Sam I am", as he looks like Dr Seuss designed him after several beers ! None of the bits match. I am thinking Chihuahua x Dachsund x Rhodesian Ridgeback x Golden Retriever x whatever male dog was passing by at the time. After the enormous fun I had describing my last pound hound as a Dublin Terrier, I am pondering something a bit more American. His front legs go in the wrong direction which would make climbing trees easy, by cluthching them, and he has a powerful back end, and is a fabulous retriever. Thinking Cameron County Squirrel Hound, you only find them in the swamps of Loooeasy-anna ! Any way his picture is posted !So if you meet him you will know his name.How do you get good pets, after you have lost a best one ? Go to the pound, on a whim,like I did with Guinness and you will know the moment. Walk down death row and look in their eyes. When that set of eyes clicks, get it. I assure you it does not matter what the Hell it looks like. It is yours. Sam was a just caught stray, a ghetto rat,was filthy and infested with matted hair. SWMBO said"Look at this beautiful Spaniel" "What are you holding". "My god". I waited the required 5 days, took him to the beautification parlour. And his pic is above ! It is strange looking back over 40 years of pet ownership, and there have been many from snakes to horses . The only pets I have had problems with have been ones I have said "We are buying a...." Only done it twice both disasters
. But everything else has found us.
"I paid $300 for this Siamese cat and it bites" this officious lady was saying,( I felt I needed a Siamese cat to replace my previous George for some reason),as I walked in the Devore pound. Damn thing is still bugging me 12 years later. My horses, swmbo had to put down her beloved Hawkwind, a Hunter horse out of Northern Dancer. I told her wait, something will happen. Month later, she crossed paths with a coastel chap with too many horses, and a major recession lack of funds, who had a beautiful 3 year old gelding I looked at. He paid $14000 for it off the track. I have the papers here, from the seller and the Jockey Club. It is out of Secretariat , Seattle Slew some other stupid one toed cow, those who know drool about.
I did not pay anything close to that, knock a zero off. Cash flow. So I used up my medical funds. I did not need another camera anyway !
Net result, stunning looking Race Horse, and the coven leader out of the house all day polishing it, and boasting to the rest of the Horse bitches from Hell. Hopefully they will get sick of it, and turn her into a Newt ! Worth every damn penny..
I guess I need a conclusion !
My point is if you need a pet do not go to a puppy mill/pet store/ breeder, check out the pound first. Or hang until some one says. I am sick of this pet, you will probably find it is the pet sick of the owner.
Of course there are exceptions to that rule, my ringed parrot Gus would tear my eyes out in a second, unless I am clutching an apple slice in trembling hands. You can't show fear with that one !
Birds essentially none, they moved on from the sewage plant over night. And barely anything replaced them. But a nice Yellowlegs, and a Pied Billed Grebe, getting orientated for tomorrow night. The space shuttle will be visible after it leaves the Space Station, and both will pass as seperate bright lights in The North tomorrow night. And a twitter bird, of the desert variety.
Stay out of the heat. Roger

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