Sunday, July 19, 2009


Good morrow. I love aphorisms. Some adult people recognise them, kinda , but not really and the youth of today won't hear you as they have their i-pods in their ears.
I just finished a most splendid scathing letter to the paper ending with "You can't make a silk purse etc " It was fun. My father used to love to mix them up. His favourite was "It's like water off a ducks back, in one ear and out the other" Sage nodding. He did actually chuckle and approve my effort "Nevr mind.It's all just spilt milk under the bridge" Yes it is 4 am and the system is in motion. It will probably grind to a halt around noon.Why?
Too hot, and a dear chum dropped off 5 boxes of VHS tapes from an estate sale. Ancient TV shows, assorted movies, and tons of bootlegged stuff from the BBC, early second city live and SNL. Tuna fishing, Nat geog you name it. I did come across a naughty one, in part. Played it 127 times, my response "Gosh is she agile or what " and a deep sense of envy ! Such is age !!!
One set is the entire "I claudius " BBC suite it appears. Have to dig into that. I remember years ago when it was on BBC tv, my little brother coming to dinner and saying he was watching , enunciation "I Klav-divs " Stunned silence. My father caught on as the titles where writtin in stone at the beginning in Roman writing. "I CLAVDIVS " Roman stone masons not making U's, but they did invent the seriph. Sorry Paul !
Will attach some pics from yesterday.
Go Tom Watson.

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