Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sounds like a plan.

Shit its hot.
Going to pick up my other broken vehicle, at 4 am tomorrow, The work shop is so hot, they only have a fan, they start at 7pm.Took my oven thermometer for fun. The inside of my Jeep was 123F, we pushed it into the garage with gloves. I warned you.Birded the circle , in the afternoon heat. Some/ a few nice waders will post pictures, on this. They are somewhat blurry, for two major reasons, one heat haze, two engine running so it does not boil over and three hand held. Damn it let me try that again. Amongst the many and varied reasons the........ Still nice to see different plumages of transitory migrants.
Damn redundancy again, how can you be a non transient Migrant.
Will down load pics.
Assuming this machine allows.
Regards rh

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