Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some pics and needless comments

No idea what the Flytcher is doing in there need to go back and figure out what it is. Unless someone has a bright idea. Having a nice day. Cave Swallow confirmed, another Blythe beauty. Now except for a short whisk around the "Circle" and a grab of Pravda West (the press republican diatribe, gosh what a biased rag, the press enterprise. Done with it today, will pay 25c more for the Desert Sun from now on) stayed in the relative cool of the house. Thermostat set at 82F. This is a new energy efficient double glazed ,mega insulated home, my electric bill was $356 last month, go figure.
When I turn on the TV and there are a talking heads sweating the brands of beer these three chumps are drinking at a peace making pow wow this afternoon. Shit who cares. I am half watching this commentary right now some asshole just said and I quote "In order for this meeting to have a reflection on America, it should have been american beer for everyone" Please america march on the studios and strangle these idiots. Then go after the ones who had the "Exclusive" interview in "an Exclusive location" only to be seen on this channel, with Michael Jacksons Chef.
Has this once powerful country, I adopted , and call my own. Been destroyed by mediocrity. The cold war could not do it, but I am thinking the Communists thought up reality shows, and "Americas got an endless list of deluded idiots who think they have Talent, or are idols " is linked to a Satellite.That the North Koreans then put on tv to suck the brain power and inventiveness out of the average vacuous TV addicted American mind. No wonder "You think you are smarter than a fifth grader" makes me cringe. I think with the way we are headed "So prove you are dumber than a 2nd Grader" will be the hit next year. Coz if you go in the Blythe gene pool we can win it easily.
Disgruntled in Blythe !
Maybe I will be gruntled tomorrow !

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