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Todays teaching, sorry if the truth bothers you.

Where to begin ?
I hope offended none with my last dialogue. But "Thats the way it is" Thankyou Walter C!
I should, as should have many honest teachers failed one third of all students who hit the 9th grade. These are our freshman. But as our talents as teachers are based on the number of the "Little Jewels" passing. No one dares. It is going to be even funnier when we get pay raises based on test scores, as proposed !The eighth graders take a test and based on their scores, certain teachers hand pick their students. Boy do they do well on tests. 22 to a classroom, children who don't eat glue. Loving it. Me, I get the stuff that does not go through the seive. Do not mind, my choice. Kind of fun really. I have refused to take the other option twice. I think my option keeps me young you never know what will happen. The chosen few option would bore me in minutes, yes Mr Higson, No Mr higson, "How come I only was awarded 97% on that lab, my mother will go to the school board " Mine, they have a toilet seat as a hall pass to the bathroom, Which says"I could not hold it so I am holding this" Well I did until one of my more deranged hip hop gang banging east siders(They are the Blacks) not to be confused with West Siders (They are the Mexicans) Seperated by the North /South railroad track. We no longer have train service another story. Smashed on the water fountain and threw it through my classroom door before leaving campus. I digressThe tales I ccan tell. Another time. Grades ,grading and the final exam. And who wins a tour and dinner !
I inform every class that the state test is based on an eight grade supposed knowledgs of the earth, and that if they come to class try their best, behave and hand in the work. They will pass. Fair enough so far ?
I also explain that I need their name , written so I can read it, the date, and the period number on it so I can give the points to the right person, this is written on the board and is referred to once a week. "If you do not do this I will throw it away as I am not spending my personal time figuring out who you are". All year I have thrown away 10% of all work, even the last week! I even had 9 final exams without a name on. You can't teach stupid.
When it comes to grades.
I admit to being biased.If a child battles to pass my class with honest effort and is close to that D I will pass them. If a person who has jerked me around all year is close to that D I won't. They are not gettimg away from me. Screw social promotion Make friends with the next batch of freshmen. By year 3 they are the best students and TA's. Can't graduate unless you get through me. It is amazing what a little humiliation will do to a class bully. Friends are graduating, and "you have not passed Higsons class, man you are stupid, why don't you quit hassling him and do the work, idiot" I had a fourth year retread this year, working on the six year plan.He caught on at last. Now has grown up, a good kid.
That means they will have to hate me for another year.
Don't like sue me !
I have a lot of barely english speaking immigrant stugents ,and "Special needs " students (Remember the seive process) and many migrant workers children. I wish that was all I had. Their manners are impeccable, they are polite and respectful. As the foreign schools they have left behind expect parental involvement and their parents know how important an education is.The special ed kids are just happy that someone says "Hi to them in the corridor, and lets them come in your classromm and get equal attention " I had two special ed kids get the only Bs in one class, and they busted their asses to get them.
Then we have the , "My daddy is a rich Farmer, and knows everyone which means I can do what I want" group. These usually tend to be the "Oh you know, I just can't belive how bitchin my new truck is, Tiff got one too, and we are going to have a two kegger party on my dads party boat this weekend, wanna come" "group. Yes 9th Graders. Are you catching on yet.16 2 kids. Because I tell them they can all come and talk to me in confidence, nothing will scare me , either seen it , heard it or done it, and I won't judge but help. I get some very confused children. Two young ladies came in super early, I am there by 5:45 most days, and wanted to talk. "Is it all right for us to have sex together, and sleep with our boyfriends, should we tell them" I promise you they were not jerking my chain. I talked to the boys. They just said "Yeah we do it" very nonchalantly, like no biggy. No protection, nothing.
Guess how old?

Eldest just turned 15.

Any way I wander.
At last final exams.
In order to conserve Scantrons, admin missive. Anyone with an A got to sit out (12 students for the day) and read colour or whatever.
Anyone below 45% who did not stand a chance of making 60% if they got every answer right (Test 10% ), were axed (45 for the day)
That left me the hopefuls. Now you understand I gave them the test questions, a weekor more earlier, two days in class to work in groups, graded the papers and pointed out the wrong answers. Which on a multiple guess test leaves you 3 choices They had four days to study, some five..
48 questions 2 hours.
I trust you are phoning the school administration to bitch about my final exam. (Two parents did because "Pookie" failed, because of the difficult final, and will not be able to cheerlead neaxt year. The Superintendant was dragged into it. Still failed them the little spoiled vicious ,snotty little shits. This town is haves and have nots. The entire cheerleader team came in a few years ago in tears because I failed one.Did nothing but nails, 27%. But Mr Higson can't you change it to a C? Why ? Her dad was going to buy her a Suburban so we could all go to the beach in La Jolla at their condo, if she got straight Cs . Make different travel plans ladies )
Any way
Results.0.91% got over 90%,
2% over 80%,
5% over 70%,
6% over 60%
The rest managed as low as low as 3%,
Like it was said you can lead a kid to knowledge but you can't MAKE them learn. The bottom line is they don't give a shit. They think everything will just keep magicly appearing. I am quite serious, they have no work ethic, and no motivation. Parents don't give a shit. Their plans for the future are not formed until about wednesday, and cover the upcoming weekiend. Beyond that? I asked a kid once, what his plans where? I quote "Oh I'll just fuck off like my dad did? Wheres your dad, oh in the prison, they got it good there?". Perfectly true.
So if you have a person who is thinking of entering the teacher profession have them call me.There may be time to save them !
Like I have stated many times in public, teaching nowadays has gone from imparting knowledge to herding sheep to the knowledge sheep dip in the hope some will fall in. Send more sheep dogs !
Next time I will tell you about my other job !
I am in charge/principal of the "Oh my God I need to get 10 credits by thursday because I turn 18 and the school will toss me and I do not have a High School Diploma " school for screw ups. We meet Mondays and Thursdays. You would be amazed how a teenagers attitude and work ethics can change almost in front of you.
When you say "You ran out of options, this is your last chance, and if you don't do what I tell you , then you will not graduate with your friends, nor get a diploma"
I have the full backing of the Administration, and they come ina nd say"If he does not think you should graduate you won't You will be over 18 and we need the space"
It takes a few for it to set in but I reinforce it. You would be amazed at how much high quality work these "Rubbish" kids can turn out, when they know they can't fuck the system any more, (they can't go to someone and say "I did not throw the chair , he's picking on me because I am :pick something:, and snigger as you get hauled into the office to explain) .
They have some kind of authority figure who is an equal opportunity hateful son of a bitch . BUT, We all play to the same rules. I am all for level playing fields.
Anyway, another topic another time. Enough for one Blog
Take care, and don't become a teacher unless you have skin like a Rhino

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