Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just pics, rain Jethro Tull and stuff

The first green fluff ball in my last pac-o-pics, is my record shot of GC Kinglet, I have no idea how the hell that got in their. May just submit it as Blythe Foliage Gleaner.And the Merlin, looked very much like a female "Black" Merlin which would be a very odd record for the desert, but they have made it to New Mexico. The rest you can figure out I am sure. Please remember all my pics are from within a 15 mile radius of my home near the Colorado River, and in California. Occaisionally I wander up to to Styx which is 25 miles away, and an higher altitude to look for Canyon Towhee. So it actually is quite remarkable the number of species and opportunities you can find in a DUMP like this. Thats my, Christ its 114 at 2pm,the wind is blowing and the humidity is rising again, and I want to go birding grumpiness coming through. I have already straightened my cubicle twice even SWMBO approved, and immeditely moved in with what looked like a white rastafarian, held by the legs that she dipped head first in a bucket of eye watering cleanser, and proceeded to wash the floor with. Poor fellow, she just plunged into the toilet. I have locked the door. White tiles, neat ! I know what I will do.


My son, I raise the fruit of my loins good, pobly bester than most ! For my Birthday, sent me a kind of thing like a photo album for cds. Many years ago I introduced him to Jethro Tull, and he gobbled it up, and become a huge fan. How big ? He knows I love the band too. The "Photo album " has 30 CD's in it. Just fired up Thick as a Brick, might as well type and try and get through them all !
Rain ?
I was in K Mart, in the gardening section buying $10, 25 lb bags of bird seed for $2:29. "Half price clearnce" Thats what the sign said . You go figure. Somewhere I have a sign I stole from Albertsons selling "CHEST NUTS" last Xmas. I ponder it periodically, in awe. Anyway at the back of one of the ill stocked shelves was a box with "Radio Controlled Rain Gauges" in it , it proclaimed. Now I have a fondness for messing with Radio Controlled stuff, I am still mastering my radio controlled Dragonfly. Radio controlled Rain ? I am in like Flynn. Turns out you get a rain gauge and a thing you have in the house the tells you it is raining connected by wireless. $25. I think not. Rapid negotiating with former student. I got 2 for $5 . I gave one to perfect neighbour Joe, who has not stopped laughing after I told him it comes with an alarm to tell you when its raining. Last time I buy him anything !.
Set mine up, on the outside fence. God damn alarm went of several times. I got 11 inches of rain the night before last,, and 3 inches already today. Moved it. It was at the lowest part of the fence where the Giant Raccoon from Hell jumps over to steal cat food and the cat jumps over to see if there is any food left.They rattle the treadle !! So I moved it
BIrd pics. A couple of fun pics , a Bank Swallow in Blythe is always nice, I had to ry my patience until the waders coincided, and please explain why , I do not have a picture of a Cave Swallow ?
Just took a swift look at my rain guage, still not raining.

Be good to one another.

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