Monday, July 13, 2009

blythe birds cooking and downloading pictures

OK You get two willets.Running backwards and forwards. I get au jus steak sandwiches (a half) with home made bread,fried green tomatoes (Some) and my home fries especial.(probaly six? ) SWMBO lurks. Actually I don't get them yet I have to cook some bits, but the prep is done !It is so funny I always try to lose weight in the summer. Sitting behind a desk eating stuff in a paper case with 3 Mand M eyeses and green frosting, and a plate of something that looks vagually like Yak vomit with lettuce and noodles, a proud child brings from "Food arts". But when it gets this hot I start cooking. I love to cook !And there goes that weight idea. What the hell ?
No birds per se. Spent way too long sorting throughh Cliff Swallows. The main wader spots are so perfect, I am quivering.....but ?
I was at the fish farm probably before most of you joined the gridlock, and lined up GBHeron GW Heron, Cattle Egret 2 Snowies a green , and a Least Bittern. It would have been one of those "Photo shop" play with pics to see them all. A quad came by they split, can't complain it was the owner.
How you know you live in Blythe !
Parked totally illegally facing traffic with the back end of my truck in the wrong lane blocking a residential entrance. (Listen if the sun is in the wrong place so I can scan swallows on the wires, and I can take pictures I am not to blame, call Copernicus )That was the main theme of my defence, when a CHP officer went by got about two hundred yards away and turned around. And came back. Now my beat up truck 200k miles plus and purring looks like every oyher damn desert truck. White flaking paint, torn up duct tape enhanced seat cover, cracked windshield, tailgate you can't open,turn light that does not work a brake light that comes on at random fishing pole with no licence. and no front licence plate, its in the back behind the bag of dog food that needs to be taken out sometime and the plastic milk crates you where going to make a shelf out of with the POffice plastic bucket with "Possession of this illegally will result in a $75 fine" or something similar. You start to panic, especially when he pulls up along side and its "A new one"
I promise you, all those "I meant to put the licence sticker on, where the Hell is the insurance , oh shit where did I put my wallet ? did I even bring it " panics happened. $5 saved me.
A while back the school student body manufactured magnetic stickers, that look incredibly like official local stickers. Got me a pair, stick them on the old truck, you look very important from a distance, especially in a truck like mine !Thats all anyone drives any way !
"What are you doing "
"You work for the school district, you have the stickers"
(Oh no ,not in possesion of a stolen truck)
"You're that bird guy at the high school, kinda science guy right ?"
"Hey me and my buddies want to play tennis, do you know who I can call to find out if we can use the courts at night"
Happy to help. He left happy.
I guess he got his tennis lights , he waves to me now, happy to wave back. More tomorrow.rh

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