Thursday, July 16, 2009

Burrowing owls.

Please if you need an "Athene cunicularia" (Need to translate that name, sounds vaguely rude!) . Do not call me.
After hours of bartering and trading and discussion elitist, self centered,group the AOU. I finally struck up an agreement.
Burrowing Owls will be on this sign from Dawn until 10, mandatory snack break. All owls will dicscuss working conditions , heat , lunchroom priviledges, etc before voting on the afternoon session ie whether to do it or not.AS they pointed out. This is to be an autonomous collective and not to be ruled by the CRBC,or any one else claiming patterns of distribution, as they mentioned "They did not vote for them" They also stated " no person writing a bird book, who has a map of America, and some coloured felt tips will lock us into a proletariot state, with their artsy fartsy colouring skills.We are free to move about despite your colouring profiling" They ask that they not be approached or molested as they do their duty. And pointed out, that if you can't slow your chase car, stop and look around in the right habitat . Then you do not need to see one,
All in fun Rh
Oh. my goodness, people will be offended, the AOU ? Its the American Owls Union.I can't think of another pompous narcissistic self indulgent science group with that Acronym. If YOU can then ........ shame on you

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