Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Racial profiling, and bird record profiling

Now this is going to take some serious typing. But I am not going anywhere fast, got a bit of excess heat, chasing swallows. So its indoors with the fan going and a giant glass of god damn sugar free non carbohydrate lite no msg fat removed organic sodding salt free Lemonade. SWMBO will do anything to kill me.I will wait til she hits the bathroom, and at least squeeze a lemon into it, so it does not not taste and look like Kangeroo Piss.
Sorry the heat !
I am so amazed at the current lack of intelligence displayed by the news media !I have started watching the farming channel RFD in the mornings. I can spout Pork Belly futures, you want to know about Barley prices I am in. Model railroads. Cutting horses, I can watch them all day long. In fact I may do that tomorrow, cattle auctions, learning how to shout the prices ! Awesome.
Anything to get away from Michael Jackson. Why in the name of (insert anything you find Holy) are we as a nation wasting all this time, effort, TV time and tax payers money, so psycho people who have never seen him can carry candles and "He was a hero" themselves on to TV. I am sorry it is my blog and I can write what I want.
Michael Jackson was a child molesesting bankrupt drug addict with no nose, who had the talent of a snail, owed his career to the parasitic family, Gordy, Motown and the media saprophytes. I am tired of this fool who never impressed me, who has been nothing for 15 years screwing up my TV news. Where the Hell was the media when Sid Barret died, a far more talented musician. (For those under 30 a founding member of Pink Floyd) Heavens above can't Tom Hanks dance on a sofa, or Oprah get naked, or some one declare they are gay and kiss on TV or the Batcherolette strip amd shew she is a man, so we have some real news ? Heck I guess the genocide and starvation in the world has stopped. I sure am glad of that. Otherwise we would hear about it. The news people in this country are so quick to say "The state radio/tv/media, has refused to transmit information concerning the situation in the Northern provinces choosing to transmit select information"
Explain to me why nbc , abc, cbs, choose to transmit information about Michael Jackson, the Octomom, and a pig that adopted a kitten.Is that not select information. What else is happening in the US? I have serious problems with todays TV news media.
Which extends to mty next comment racial profiling
I have been racially profiled, I am English, a blue blood Englishman, (Colour and Race combined) and I have been arrested by the police handcuffed, put in a squad car and taken to jail. There I confessed, it was a humiliating experience and it was all my fault.Now I am not known for my tact, and over the last 12 years I have learned to temper my mouth. I must admit sometimes I have put myself in situations where sub conciously I need to argue with a passing cop ! I annoyed Peppermint Patty so much, I like to think I caused her to transfer. It always makes standing by the road , standing on the roof of your truck with the scope, facing on coming traffic and not seeing anything in a flooded field entertaining. I am a man of simple pleasures. But I learned one fateful day in Imperial Co not to push it. The chap I entered in to with a war of logic, which I felt I was winning was at the end of his shift, hot and pissed off (I found out later, when we talked he had pulled a double shift, and his wife was pissed) And I was wagging my gob and being a smart ass, and gleefully listing all the people I could call to make his life miserable because......He grabbed me spun me around , pulled my arms back, cuffed me and put me in the back of his Patrol Car. He locked up my car , gave me the Keys back and called dispatch to call my wife. That learned me, nice fellow I taught his son
Now where was the Bishop of Liverpool etc jumping up and down about my "Whitey' and "Limey " rights ? I am sick of this racial profiling garbage, I have had Black people who are friends who have said " Oh He is from england , he is our tame limey" I don't mind , they were good friends. I have had white people shout "hey whats up limey" Good friends also.Is that not racial profiling ?
I have kids walking up and down the corridors at school shouting "Hey Nigger what you up to" yes , white kids do it as well, to other white kids. The word Nigger has become a word meaning "Yo de dog". But I say to a black person "Hey Nigger get my groceries" I am wrong. Times are changing folks, it is not the "N" word for todays youth. It has lost its real meaning at last, thank you deity.
Oh Racial profiling.
If a cop tells you to shut up,it is wise to comply I do not care if you are the head legal nigger at Princeton. The cop is usually stressed, overworked, and the last thing he wants is someone jumping his ass, qouting law , civil rights, and your credentials, and probably waving a cane in his face.Plus the Cop has a gun, a club, mace, and handcuffs which he is trained to use,and there were 3 others. Wit, education, pHds and colour lose .The man was a complete idiot, I suggest Princeton re-evaluate his tenure, tact , anger management, and sensibility. Got to go see how anna nicole smiths kids are doing, and if they dug her up again. Busy Busy busy

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  1. Roger - I would hazard to guess that if you could experience A) Not being white and B) having some asshole try to arrest you for being in your own home, you might think a bit differently. You are right on about the media though.....its a waste of a free press.